2018 Activities To Look Forward To By SWIMBIKERUN.PH

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SBR.PH or SWIMBIKERUN.PH was born in 2011 by Carlos De Guzman, also a tri-athlete and now a growing e-commerce and triathlon group consistently serving the country's growing fanatics of the mentioned sports.  If you're into swimming, cycling and running then SBR.PH will be the online store for all your needs - from water bottles, monitor watches, goggles, and even wheels!

Last January 26th, SBR.PH has announced activities happening this year. Present at the event was Mr. Frederick M. Alegre, Assistant Secretary for Office of Public Affairs, Communications and Special Projects (Department of Tourism), Black Arrow Express - Logistic Partner and The Big Difference Communications - PR & Marketing Partner held at Century City Mall as the Venue Host who believes in the concept of fun sports. 

First race will happen come April, called Aquaman (Aquathlon) then Duaman (Duathlon) by May and Triman (Triathlon) this June. Registration now open for all races. 

Per Department of Tourism, they are recognized as a local group responsible in making the sports scene of the country more dynamic for the sports-tourism of their office. Part of SBR's plan this year is to launch a race event for kids and PWDs. Mr. De Guzman believes that the sport should be made to all ages, gender and physical condition. His objective is to bring the sport nationwide and have it set on the natural terrain of the province that he goes to. 

On February 10 and 11th, SBR Awards Night and Expo will present the following:

- Elite Tri-Athlete of the Year (Men and Women)
- Duathlete of the Year (Men and Women)
- Age Group Tri-Athlete of the Year (Men and Women) 
- Youth Tri-Athlete of the Year (Men and Women)
- Race of the Year (Below and Above 800)
- Team of the Year
- Shoe of the Year
- Shop of the Year
- Tri-Gear of the Year
- Bike of the Year
- Coach of the Year
- SBR.ph Hall of Fame Class of 2017

There will also be retailers event happening during the awarding for all tri-athletes. 


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