Club Balai Isabel 2017: New Aqua Park

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We're happy to have been invited on Aqua Park's opening day at Club Balai Isabel over the weekend. It's a gigantic inflatable playground in Taal Lake with a water-slide designed to be taller than the famous volcano.

I was born in Lemery, Batangas but moved to Manila in 1989. It was only my second time to take this route to my hometown that Friday; we were fast, way faster even it has more sheer drops, unsteady or dizzying road passing Talisay - Laurel up to Agoncillo but you'll also enjoy the view. Took the same guide but coming from the other side on Saturday, to meet the group early morning. 

It was a VIP reception and a ribbon-cutting ceremony arranged to have the opening of the Aqua Park to the general public hosted by ABS-CBN presenters Amy Perez and Jorge Cariño. 

It was a short program headed by them and we were fortunate enough to have met the Resort Owners, Mr and Mrs Nelson Terrible with their daughter Isabel - yes, the resort was named after their only daughter plus Mayor Gerry Natanauan of Talisay, Batangas and of course Peter Appleton, the Design Engineer of this inflatable play place who have shared playground safety and future plans with Club Balai Isabel.

If you have had enough of the salty lake by playing at Aqua Park, there are swimming pools all over this huge resort that feels like a village as soon as you enter the gate.

Club Balai Isabel is a nice family resort but perfect for couples too. 

They have apartment-style accommodations that includes kitchen and stuff to allow cooking and more. You may opt to get an entire home, villa holidays or suites with living, dining, kitchen, even a patio for the whole family or group of friends.

In 2011, I had the chance to have a very good relaxing time for 3 days straight in their Deluxe Lake Shore Suite hence it's still my favorite until this day. 

Unlike other resorts, Club Balai Isabel's kitchen serves mainly good food and most of which are kid-friendly for I have kids in tow who also enjoyed their buffet selections, known for dinner and breakfast spreads. Should you feel tired preparing food, you will likely consider all these at reasonable prices...

We spent a night this time and everything was good even how they managed to allocate clean towels during the day. Very helpful, friendly and well-trained staff - unbelievably courteous smiling to greet each and everyone "Magandang Umaga / Hapon / Gabi!"

 They give free toiletries too!

Before I end this post, here are the Rules & Regulations of the Aqua Park for everyone's safety! By the way, you will need to sign a Waiver before playtime as it requires certain level of fitness, agility and stamina.

 ^ You'll have an attached whistle on your life vest
A small huddle will be provided on all participants per batch...

Before buying tickets, you may need to take into account the following:

- Must be between the age of 13 and 60 years
- At least 1.2 meters in height
- The resort will discourage persons with serious illnesses (i.e. heart disease, hypertension) as exposure to heat and strenuous activities may aggravate such conditions
- Also persons with mobility including back, knee, hip and joint problems
- Lastly, if you are pregnant!

- Use the buddy system while inside the park
- Wear proper swimming attire: snug/form-fitting 
- Play barefoot or in aqua shoes (available for Php 100 rent per pair) 
- Wear the buoyancy vest provided - clasp secured in front and at the crotch 
- Use both hands when climbing up and down 
- Make sure water is clear of people before using the sliding off

Bring sharp objects inside
- Tumble or flip 
- Dive head first
- Swim under the units
- Smoke inside the park
- Bring food and drinks
- Wear jewelry, earrings or eyeglasses
- Wear sandals or slippers
- Push other people 
- Play rough 
- Remove the vest until ashore
- Enter the park when drunk or on medication 
- Leave the park without the life guard's knowledge

As soon as you enter the Aqua Park, lifeguards in neon green will be there to help you float or literally move from one place to the other side. I fell and they saved me... Trust you'll enjoy your time too! HAVE FUN!

Operating Hours 8:00AM - 6:00PM

For more information and inquiries, visit

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  1. gonna try Club balai isabel's aqua park, the biggest one in Asia?


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