Why do we need Intravenous Vitamin C?

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I'm not too strong as everyone think I am. In fact, just practically coping and some days, feeling weak. I work full-time. Drive myself to work every day. Single and Mom!

To make my long story short, I am completely active but must admit that my physical activities changed a bit when I learned of chronic and bilateral radiculopathies in my neck/cervical spine about a year ago. I was also diagnosed of "Median Entrapment Neuropathies" at the wrists (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) after a Nerve Conduction Study (EMG-NCS) ordered by a Neurologist and an Orthopedic on February and November 2016; was told it's mild but I tend to worry at times with the tingling and numbness in both hands and fingers. I have done several tests to make sure I'm alright and I praise God for everything is normal except the neck pain that radiates to my head all the time. 

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At the moment, I am undergoing treatment for my condition which includes Physical Therapy, Ultrasound, Hand Paraffin, Radial Shockwave and medicines, a lot of medicines. 

When I heard of High-Dose Vitamin C, I wanted to try it right away. I guess it's pretty normal when we think of things considerably good for our health and/or complete well-being (physical, mental and social). Who wouldn't want to feel alive, energetic, happy and healthy at this age?

Then Renovo Integrative Med came in time when I was invited to an Infusion Party a week ago. I live in the South, went to their office in Quezon City, thought it's worth the drive and I was right all along. 

Prior to getting the IV that day, I had my consultation. It was simply to know if giving Vitamin C through your veins can be done or not. You will surely get medical advises as well from the doctor. Be vocal and honest with your personal background for they have to know everything. 
I was told that the infusion will help me and I want to believe so. Overwhelmed!

Are you scared now? I am scared of needles, I HATE IT but I managed. All you have to imagine is a little pain, won't even last for 2 seconds. Voila!

Remember, it's bad enough to get sick in the summer! I also added B-Complex for P100+ as one of their limited offers.

To be honest, I felt dizzy during the infusion. Likely tired, hardly slept the night before and the insertion was a little painful... I'd say it wasn't pleasant (perhaps the right term) at all when the fluid (B-Complex) was added but she was considerate enough to lightly rub my left arm while finishing the whole dosage. Also, you will feel very thirsty. We were well informed about this usual effect so I finished 3 bottles of mineral water during the session which lasted for about an hour.  

I requested to have it on my left cause I drive and can be hard to shift gears. 

Either way, you will be able to relax. Renovo has huge couches where you can really lie down comfortably, feet up and neck well aligned and rested while watching the drips. 

I can't wait for my second session. As discussed, it's ideal to get it at least twice a month. For more details and guidance, see below:

Watch out for my next drip!

Renovo also offers the following:

- Gallstones removal without surgery
- Whitening therapy
- Weight-loss management
- Infusion party at home


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