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I drove about an hour, to be pampered...

Would you come to get spa, good food, specialty coffee then check / shop in a small fashion boutique? 

Trust you will, 'cause there's this coffee bar, hair / beauty salon, spa + nail treatments and a fashion (consignment) boutique upstairs. It's true, got my hot stone massage, foot spa, manicure, mocha frost and flat white or ALL under one roof!

I do all these and take myself some place nice all the time like what I had over a week ago; it was a privilege to get a special invite to see, experience and meet Engineer Emilie Ronquillo herself, the whole staff and (needless to say) understand an inspiring business concept which recently opened another store named E&W Salon and Spa located along Centennial Road in Kawit, Cavite. 

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I met everyone in Stairway Cafe, I got lost on my way, needed to go back all the way to Macapagal for a U-turn from supposedly my (Cavitex) entry and found out that it was so easy to find as it's just along main road, less than a kilometer from Aguinaldo Shrine and just about a light jog from this beautiful church:

  All the more reason I have to come back soon and try their offerings! 

On the hopper that day was washed Catimor from Umahan Teting, Mt. Apo, Davao Del Sur...So tasty and I enjoyed it as if we were having the freshly harvest beans to milky coffee. 

Prior to this was a Mocha Frost during my Manicure and Foot Spa then I went into a vacation mindset for an hour; Don't you just love to be rubbed and scrubbed? I just always value the feeling of a head-to-toe treatment and will forever scout for new places.

Nowadays, I am more selective when it comes to massage treatments due to cervical radiculopathy issues that I have. I also get therapies as my condition would not improve to medications alone. I was so surprised how my therapist helped ease muscle tension and it was a super-soothing massage for she knows how deep I like on certain parts; well SHE KNOWS the right amount of pressure to apply to muscles. Able to rest all through out the session, you know how important it is for the entire body to feel good.

While others were busy with their hair and nails, I went up to check the House of OOTD. Look what I bought, a Frozen dress for my Catie:

Don't miss this cute attic when you're in the area. They sell almost everything from clothes, shoes, accessories and the goods are relatively cheap. I haven't seen those pricing in an air-conditioned store in the past.

Don't miss anything new from

Stairway, I/we will see you before April ends <333

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  1. Parang gusto ko na magpa-massage sa kanila Eens! Glad to know you enjoyed the pampering, it's always nice finding places like Stairways Cafe and EnW Salon and Spa.


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