Mahershala Ali Commended Pregnant Wife for Being a 'Soldier'

2:58:00 AM

The old saying goes, “Behind every success of a man, is a woman.” Can this still be true? Many successful men from different industries may say that this may not be true with other men anymore. However, there are still many who can’t deny that their wives/girlfriends have made great contributions when it comes to their success. 


One of the many actors who is undeniably proud about it is Mahershala Ali. The 42-year-old Moonlight star is currently working on trying to find balance in his hectic life with an Oscar nomination and a baby on the way. Ali admits it’s never easy; he still wrestles to balance his work-personal life obligations.

A life under the limelight isn’t easy. Along with fame comes great responsibility and lack of privacy. Many people will be watching your every move and there will be challenges along the way. Ali knows this and is happy to say that he has been able to get through it with the help of his lovely wife. 

Recently, Mahershala Ali sat down with ET Online at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and talked about 2017 and the many thrilling events that await him this year. When asked how he’s able to manage it all, Ali proudly said: “A big help is I have a supportive partner who loves me and gets it and has been a soldier throughout this."

Being pregnant isn’t easy. Many times, a woman experiences hardship during pregnancy. But Ali’s wife didn’t let the pregnancy prevent her from supporting her husband, especially now. Congratulations to Ali and Amatus!

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