#ManilennialEats : Our Dozen Delicious Discoveries

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Deciding where and what to eat always seem difficult and hopeful that we could just spin the wheel to get the best lunch or dinner options for a day or two. 

With so many factors that influence one's food choices, they say dining shouldn't leave us so indecisive. You know what I'm talking about... 

When you can't decide where to eat, find below discoveries / exceptional selections of food, value and staff in no particular order we made especially for you to scout delicious destinations whether you're on break in school or work, needs a date place or wanted to spend quality time with the whole family as SM City Manila has dining options all over the mall, floor to floor:


Get your hands dirty with delicious seafood shipped all the way from Cebu! An order of Stan's Black Pepper Shrimp is a pound and about 20 pieces per serving which is enough for a group of friends or family to enjoy. Also a must try is their "Choobi Bay", the shrimp, crab and corn plastic bucket, best paired with famous Snowpea Sprouts.


Want some Freeway Nachos, Country Fried Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, Fries and Chocolate Chip Cookie-Covered Ice Cream? All these in a fun dining atmosphere that mimics the street where friends can hang out all day!


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If you have a huge group, like an entire varsity team or sporty barkada that enjoys all things flavorful and spicy, then this is best! We can have a piece of the 3-piece handful-sized Buffalo Burger paired with Bacon N Cheese fries or go for the Chicken Quesadilla. But don't miss the wings of course! Take your pick from the Garlic Parmesan flavor and their house specialty, the Champion Buffalo Wings. Also, we can request for the spiciest flavor level and have your photo on the "Wall of Fame" if you finish the entire serving...


Who doesn't love home-cooked meals? Prepared value-meal style, our Filipino favorites like Kare-Kare, Caldereta and Palabok are enough to satisfy all our Pinoy comfort food cravings! Also since Teresita's is a sub of Razon's, you can never say no to have their mouth-watering Halo-Halo with that yummy Leche Flan on top. 


That's 12 inches of Taiwan-original fried chicken! The servings are bigger than our phone and our hands. It was quite challenging to finish a meal but it can be done. Hot-Star also has chicken dishes for the local market like Chicken Lumpia!


Once in awhile, buy your steak although it doesn't stop there. There's seafood penne, shrimp bucket and pork ribs. Big Daddy's is the place for couples and families who wants to get so full!


What millenial hasn't had a craving for a good ramen? It's prolly the dish that best defines this generation. All flavors, ingredients and desires in one big bowl of noodle soup goodness perfect for sharing. Get the Shiro Ramen, if you love something spicy opt for Abu Ramen and  check their Bestseller, Kuro Ramen!


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If you want anything fast - this is where you can get Japanese food also to save yourself some cash. The Super California Maki roll tops my list but another worth trying is the Texas Maki. Also, don't miss their Gyudon Rice and Katsudon.


Koreans flavorsome food... The Samgyeopsal is definitely a standard, their gyoza is great and of course the kimchi. Take your date here and savor a meal together. 


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Very cool as Japan and colorful as a roll of sushi. If salmon is your favorite, then this is the place for you as it's their specialty. Try their Ramen too. This KCool Ramen is as pretty as it is, so delicious with unique Shuyo & Miso based soup. 


Who hates pizza? Come on! The 80's are a welcome place to enjoy 10 inches of 8 original pizza flavors and if not enough, you can create your own and share with classmates and friends. Would you dare to get the Danggit Pasta? 


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Waffles! Their Chunkee Monkey is a piece of heaven on earth. Sweets are not their only treats. The Ribs are to die for and the chicken is on point. Best enjoyed with close friends or simply a reward after a hectic long day at work.

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