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Over the weekend, I had the privilege of meeting Mr Jose Chan Lim of Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students. As I have to juggle my schedule at times to get many things work out, had a nice time checking the whole art exhibit - beautiful paintings on canvas, scrolls and porcelain plates coincided with the celebration of the Chinese New Year.  

Artist Jose Chan Lim started painting when he was 11 years old and his passion lies in painting in oil and watercolors that makes his artworks so vibrant.

 Present during the exhibit are the three generations of the family: their father, sons and grandchildren plus their students.
Artist Chan Lim has four sons namely Alex, Felix, Rolex and Jolex. All are stable professional and Chinese Painting artists!

The demo with Dr Alex was very enlightening and trust you would appreciate Chinese paintings when you see their scrolls, canvas and porcelain plates.

There were also a few Western paintings made by Mr Chan Lim himself at the art exhibit...
Jose Lim aka. "The Chan Lim" - the name he uses to sign his artworks are combination of his last name and his wife's.

She's one of the granddaughters ^ All of them paints! 

The family conducts workshops and classes regularly in their studio. For inquiries, visit

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