Southern Living: Meaningful Celebrations at Home

11:48:00 AM

Glad I braved the rain yesterday morning and joined Avida Land, fellow lifestyle, food and mommy bloggers in my niche led by home and family influencer Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful to inspire others and create meaningful celebrations at home. 

A short workshop was organized at Avida's Showroom in Nuvali together with Boqueria Lifestyle Market sisters Steph and Lady where both shared the basics of table setting ~ whether formal, casual or buffet. I absolutely love these activities for it brings out our most creative side as wonderful ideas were gathered as a group to beautifully set our assigned tables then at home, as a way to have good times with family, friends, colleagues over some lavish meal. 

We may work full time but I know we all have creative pursuits to enjoy outside work. As shared by Steph, we must first choose a theme to make the set up more easier and it would surely impress the guests visiting the house. 

Here's a Tropical theme-inspired setup done by our group. 
Put in mind that we don't have to purchase new matching sets of plates. Special details doesn't even have to mean fancy and costly. Creativity is something we have to make any table look and feel more expensive... Check what you have in the kitchen, get flowers or bouquets outside, mix and match accessories to discover that creating a beautiful table is so easy and fun!

Such a real privilege being part of this great event! I/We learned something new again. 

Congratulations to the Botanical group <333

"Through Martine's workshop, we are able to inspire homeowners with useful ideas to fully maximize their living space," says Tess Tatco, Avida Land Marketing Head. 

Martine who is currently living in the North also expressed her desire to move to South. "Being in the city, you're always expected to live at a fast pace. But when you live in the South, you can relax and enjoy life more. Avida gives you that option to have that laid back lifestyle here in Nuvali because of its great environment and how you can easily find the right unit for you, whether you're single or about to start a family."

Just to share our holistic experience of the southern lifestyle... We first met at Early Bird Breakfast Club at about 10:00 am and enjoyed Chef recommended breakfast bestsellers ~

Fried Chicken with Breakfast Waffles 

Baked Empanadas 

The Monte Cristo Sandwich 

Followed by coffee at Craft Coffee Revolution then Shophouse Coffee Co... If you're tired of the old grind, you'll enjoy this place too!

Try their Iced Mocha and cakes and you'll thank me :)

Then something light (THANK YOU! *grin*) and delicious at House of Bawai!

Summer Rolls and a bowl pho on a rainy Saturday...
House of Bawai is the place to go until you visit Vietnam again! 

Anyone can find a suitable house for themselves at Avida's residential communities within the master planned community of Nuvali: Avida Southfield Settings and Hillcrest Estates. Units ranging from 52 to 129 square meters in floor space features efficient layout for maximum use of space and natural ventilation and sunlight, surrounded by lush greenery and breath-taking views. The amenities are also designed to encourage interaction and healthy lifestyle among homeowners, include swimming pools, basketball court, playground and parks. 


Avida Land - an Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) subsidiary
Provides thoughtfully-designed yet affordable homes in secure communities that offer value for money and convenience all within reach. With the five pillars of accessibility, unique features and amenities, quality assurance, stress free buying and relaxing living experience integrated in all its condominium and house and lot properties. Avida Land has become the developer of choice among the rising middle-income segment as it continues to expand its product offerings across the country. 

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  1. What a cute place!!! Would love to visit this place if I have a chance :) The food looks so good, especially want to try the chicken and waffles. I've never try this combo before but it's popular in America :P Hehe.

  2. Glad you braved the bad weather and had a good day.

    Table settings are often ignored because its just there, the spoon and fork and the plate. But when you are able to set it up the eay you learned it, the setting itself draws attention to itself and builds up on the expectation of what comes next, doesn't it? Good learning there and pretty useful for special occassions at home.

    A nice day couldn't have been made better with what Martine shared. She does know more than a thing or two. And here is a related post regarding Martine:

    When it comes to food, I am very biased with one dish, so as much as the others you showed looked enticing, let me have the fried chicken on waffles. I love me lots of chicken!

  3. Errrg the food! Is that empanada over there? You are such a blessed human being to be invited to those events with free foods! Haha! It's not everyday that you'll get those opportunities. I am proud of you that you binge into the bad and its really very bad weather and turned your day to be a good one.

  4. The place looks amazing! I'm a big caffeine addict and my eyes lit up when I saw coffee. I love how the table is presented and the food looks good too. Houses are getting smaller and smaller nowadays, one must truly find ways to maximize space. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. All this food looks delicious and I'm officially hungry now. In any case my favorite of it all is of course the mocha (chocolate coffee lover here) and that yummy cake. Glad you braved the weather and enjoyed the day:)


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