We can EARN with TravelBook Affiliate Program!

1:47:00 AM

Did you even know this? Either way, read through...

TravelBook.ph has recently came up with an Affiliate Program to allow members / blogger affiliates earn extra by getting more customers to book getaways via www.travelbook.ph through our individual websites. As we promote, we simply convert traffic to several hotel bookings with the use of promotional tools, to be provided, then earn commission (up to 65% per transaction) for each successful traveler referred. 

If you own a website, apply for FREE, have it reviewed (5 days or less, like mine) and earn straight away ~

All you need are as follows: 
Active EMAIL, COMPLETE NAME, CONTACT NUMBERS, WEBSITE, preferred PASSWORD, personal BANK ACCOUNT and an IDENTIFICATION CARD, to be uploaded prior submission! Good luck ;)

Once approved, you too will have an exclusive access to Travelbook Affilicate Program platform along with a unique identifier called "Affiliate ID" where all these will be visible online: 

See you around! Let's plan our travels and make memories happen. 
By the way, your application may get approved real soon! Winners will go to Caramoan...! 
Full mechanics >here<

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