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We were at Dino Play over the weekend and being a mother of 2, I'd say I've learned to be prepared when I/we have taken the kids outside to play!  

Washing hands with soap and water is always best but when they aren't available, getting a good solution like Tiny Buds Hand Sanitizer is very good for the time being... 

Their 60ml are made available for us to conveniently carry along in kids' pockets or mother's purse. :)
Just hope they change the bottle 'cause it seriously squirt so much; a simple bottle atomizer would be very convenient especially for kids little hands.

For my kids, playing is their number 1 job; glad I gave Tiny Buds a try! These makes more ideal for playing all day, like heavy physical work even for adults; Brought their Sticky Hand Wipes too but left in the car. It never fails that the kids need wipes when I can't spare one. Tiny Buds wipes has Vitamin E and Chamomile, Alcohol-Free, Unscented, the sheets are extra thick but silky soft and Paraben-Free! 

During changing time, they were surprised about Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder; Being the first the first baby powder made from 100% real rice grains. It is very safe for kids, prevents prickly heat or heat rash, has a mild scent and no talcum powder which is even perfect for my son who has asthma. Now we have an alternative over the 99% pure cornstarch powder. 

Watch out for more of our reviews soon!
For complete line of products, check http://tinybudsbaby.com/
Also available at http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SHHR1W 

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