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Like what I always say... apart from eating, you can see myself getting pampered at times; I was delighted to meet the people behind Japan-PH Beauty Create Inc which is a newly established corporation in the country founded by its local and Japanese partners, well-versed in health and wellness industry. 

I was able to attend Tokyo Nail Station's launch happened about a week ago. Together with Chairman Eiji Kakimoto, Managing Director Yuto Sawaki and VP Operations Andro Lanceta, they intend to be at the fore front in bringing this global health, beauty and wellness standard to the Filipinos. Being the first branch in SM City Sucat, they would continuously position themselves to accommodate working class of all gender. 

The place is inviting (as you are onboard a cruise), simple, clean and even the setting is suited to both men and women, also elegant but pricing is competitive enough over local nail salons considering they only use the best nail care and beauty materials imported from Japan.  

Congratulations Tokyo Nail Station, SM City Sucat being the first store in the Philippines! Don't fret please, the company is expected to open THREE more branches of the same salon by the end of 2016. I have asked where, during a short interview and the locations are being discussed at the moment but likely within SM Malls. Now their looking forward to launch more exciting concepts in the beauty, health and wellness sector of the Philippines!

Thank you for having me Tokyo Nail Station!

That was one relaxing Sunday! Wanted to lounge around the house but the services I've experienced made my drive so worth it, not to mention our weather is weird again lately:

Leafgel Premium Manicure - I am partial to gel polish cause it lasts for about 4 weeks. I love it cause it's so fast to dry where your hands can be busy straight away without worrying a wear/tear of your nail or two! Started to get one like 2 years ago and can't stop using it now. It's also good when you're going swimming or into sports or intense workouts, the polish won't chip off, at least it never happened to my nails yet!

Canmake Pedicure - Now, what's not to love about Canmake? Also made in Japan and obviously more viscous than local brands. Easy to apply and remove!

Hand Paraffin & Foot Paraffin - also my favorite!
Honey and Ysai were very communicative. One important trait for someone/therapists who will do your paraffin 'cause we are talking about hot to luke-warm melted wax where you will be asked to slowly submerge your hands and feet. I always hear the service is very good for people with arthritis, joint pains and a good way to condition/moisturize our skin. I strongly agree and so relaxing! 

Eyebrows, Upper and Lower Lip Threading - So I had my face threaded for the first time! :) I met Grace, very nice, knows what she's doing and gave me comfort 'cause have only tried tweezing, waxing (once) and shaving. Of course threading hurts but less painful than plucking and way safer than waxing! Obviously, it's a YES, I enjoyed it and likely to consider threading forever! From the IG photo I posted, that's what I wanted, a medium arch and that's what Grace gave me! In fact, she ordered not to touch nor shave until I have another session with her to shape it more perfectly next time!

Should you want to experience Tokyo Nail Station, please contact +63 2 545 9907 / +639060562124 / +639430720594
Located at the 3rd Floor, Building B of SM City Sucat 

Services offered: Hand Care, Foot Care, Nail Enhancement and Fukuyama Treatments such as Red Bean Skin Lightening, Green Tea Skin Anti-Aging, Activated Charcoal Skin Detoxifying and Nail Curing and Hardening 

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