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2 HOURS 10 MINUTES MNL (Manila, Philippines) to TPE (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport) + 
4 HOURS Layover
14 HOURS 50 MINUTES TPE to JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) = 

New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia 

Well this happened 6 weeks ago and survived my FIRST long-haul flight even in Economy. Wonder how? Find below tips and hope this can help you too:

1. Moisturize right before boarding! That pressurized air can get your skin really dry (read it somewhere and proven true) 

2. Pick the right clothes... not TOO loose, but be comfortable! At least it can keep you warm when it gets uncomfortably cold. 

3. Take your OWN pillow! 

4. In case you forgot the earplugs and eye mask, go straight to the toilet as soon as you get your seat, otherwise ask the (Eva Air) girls for some. It's free! 

5. Pack extra snacks. Plane food are so-so. Likely, you'll find meals delicious, well because you're hungry!

6. Know some in-seat exercises to avoid/treat cramps, back pain. etc. 

7. Watch, play and relax with good music; Able to finish (4) movies, playlist done 2 times and entertained myself with some built-in games on board.

8. Prepare for jetlag - such a bad thing but you have to deal with it; Felt sickly for days but turned out to be a real blast! Doing a photoblog soon :) 

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