Seafood Cravings Solved at Joe's Crab Shack, NJ

8:17:00 PM

My biggest craving that weekend was something salty and seafood then it was satisfied by Joe's Crab Shack! We hit Brick up on a weekend, which only took us about 13 minutes via Garden State Pkwy. Was still cold that night and kept myself wrapped up even while inside... 

We opted for the Sunset Fire Grilled for 2 Steampot. So huge! Hahaha 
The server gave us a crab kit which includes a bib, nut cracker, cutter and wipes.

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Dungeness crab, Snow crab, Boiled Shrimps, smoke sausages and Corns 
All for $39.99

If you love seafood and don't mind getting your hands pleasurably dirty for about an hour or more, this is for you! The sauce was a little spicy and so so good. It's not that there are no meaty crabs in Manila but everything served were exotic, most specially the dungeness, was steamed perfectly and has this distintive taste and not watery. YUMMY!  

It was obviously a fantastic treat! The place has good and cozy ambiance. They also sell cool shirts.  

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Next dream is their Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA location... One day!

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