Tassel Garland + Piñata Making Workshop 2016

10:41:00 PM

I always enjoy DIY ideas, keepsakes, homemade crafts, creative hobbies, so cool that my hands are dirty and busy... The only challenge is the time! 

So pleased to have been given the opportunity and able to join the 2:30 pm batch of Tassel Garland + Piñata Making Workshop (4th installment this year) at Glorietta 5 Atrium led by the School of Styling Philippines over the weekend, along with other artful mommy bloggers and participants.

It was an exciting ME time, fun-filled and intimate Saturday afternoon where I had my first hands-on workshop and confidently learned to make my own tassels and piñatas!

Thank you Em for the invite! May you continue to inspire mommies like us. :)

Workshop Fee is P3500 which includes the materials for the workshop, Certificate of Attendance, School of Styling Tote Bag, professionally-taken photos and light snacks... 

One of the objectives of the workshop is to unleash our imagination then apply what we learned to make your tassels and piñatas detailed/vivid, pretty and saleable should you decide to take it to the next level. 

Prior to the actual workshop, I noted useful tricks to capture clear and beautiful photos using our mobile shared by Lightkeeper Studios' Director Geunice Burgos. School of Styling Philippines would normally give ad-ons to their Workshop - for instance, we had Basic Photography + Business Portfolio Making at that time. 

Then we were all introduced to our craft leader Indy Ycasiano who showed everyone the step-by-step instructions. Oh my, she is really good! Thank you Indy for being an inspiration... Told myself I will practice more and make tassels and piñatas for my kids' parties every year.    

When creating piñatas, all we need even for tassels are old/new card boards to be the basis of our preferred design and size plus japanese papers, tape, glue (glue gun is optional), scissors and twines which I really love! 

Look at this cute ice cream piñata outlined and wrapped by my seatmate, Aubrey during the workshop... I wasn't able to take a photo of my first heart attempt, good thing Lighthouse did a nice shot! If you don't have your camera, trust you can copy all the photos from them... beautiful photos! Thank you Geunice! :)  

While busy cutting and designing, we enjoyed cute and delicious cookies from The Little Whisk and healthy drinks: Pink Lemonade, Pinya Coolada and Infused Agua from The Juice Barista!

How about a balloon decorating workshop next? ;)

The School of Styling Philippines will have "Bouquet Making" come May 2016...! To reserve your slot, visit  

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