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Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila, 16 April 2016 - It's now official, Oppo F1 Plus has been finally launched in the Philippines. Being touted as the "bigger, better Selfie Expert", with a 16-megapixel front camera, this new device, second after the F1 in the camera-centric F series retails for only Php 21,990 and now available for PRE-ORDER today until the 29th of April 2016 - Deposit Php 1,000 and get a free Oppo selfie stick with your unit upon pick up. 


F1 Plus is also the first to feature the all-new ColorOS 3.0. Offers a tidy and refreshing new look plus increased efficiency and speed!


Oppo F1 Plus has a 16-megapixel front-facing Hi-Light Camera that captures clear, vivid photos in any lighting condition.

Four times more sensitive than standard cameras, the F1 Plus’ Hi-light Camera excels in low-light, back-lit and night-time photography. The camera also offers twice the dynamic range of cameras without the Hi-Light technology and captures photos with four times less noise.

“Selfies will always turn out bright and clear no matter the time of the day because of the F1 Plus’ unique sensor technology and wide f/2.0 aperture lens,” said Marton Barcza, Oppo’s product expert. “The F1 Plus also has the highest front camera resolution on the market.”

Oppo F1 Plus features a custom-built Hi-light Camera that takes vibrant pictures in various lighting conditions. It comes with the new Selfie Panorama and Beautify 4.0 features and the front-facing Screen Flash. 

Even Oppo Philippines' Brand Ambassador Sara Geronimo shared all these features allow users to "get the perfect short on the first snap, anywhere and anytime."

“I’m sure everyone will look good in every ‘groupie’ because of the F1 Plus’ easy-to-use Selfie Panorama,” Geronimo said.


Oppo F1 Plus has 1 5.5-inch AMOLED display with 4th Generation Gorilla Glass but with ultra-thin 1.66-mm bezels. “It doesn’t only take great selfies and groupies, it’s a fashion statement, too,” pointed out Geronimo.

“When we designed the F1 Plus, we wanted to create a light, thin and comfortable device, so our O-Fans can effortlessly carry the smartphone and take photos anywhere they want,” Barcza said. “The frame went through 68 polishing processes before we finally attained what we believe is the perfect grip for a smartphone.”

“With its non-slippery metal surface, users won’t worry about this phone slipping from their hands,” he added.


F1 Plus is not only good for taking selfies! It has a 4G RAM and an 8-core processor which promises users a faster and smoother experience while playing games, surfing the net and/or using resource-heavy downloaded apps hence perfect for people on the go. With the VOOC Flash Charge feature, it only requires 30 minutes charging for it's battery to reach 75% capacity. 

“Charge for five minutes, talk for two hours’ became an iconic slogan for OPPO in China last year. It convinced more than 18 million users so far to say goodbye to dead 
batteries,” Barcza said. “The F1 Plus is set to bring the convenience and safety of VOOC to even more users around the world.”  


About Oppo

OPPO is a global electronics and technology service provider that provides customers with the latest and most exquisite electronic devices and mobile Internet service. OPPO delivers customers with the most delightful electronic experience that is full of surprises, through meticulous designs and smart technology. For more information, please visit http://global.OPPO.com

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