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I stood up at about 4:00 in the morning yesterday, it's not my usual Saturday obviously but glad I joined Camp N Media Launch ~ was able to de-stress, had a breath of fresh air out of Manila plus some lush green, scenic view of Laguna and that's what I liked most about Nuvali

To date, Nuvali is Ayala Land's largest estate (eco-community) south of Manila and the place is a master planned mixed-use development that sprawls over the cities of Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao and Calamba, currently covers 2,290 hectares. 

Should you crave for some outdoor fun this Summer, get ready and enjoy Camp N, Nuvali's incubator for self-discovery through obstacles and challenges testing one's physical limits, mental abilities and character. Touted to be the newest eco-city's premier outdoor adventure and team-building hub. This six-hectare parcel taps into people's adventurous spirit and their desire to learn more outside the conventional way of trying out new things. They have created fun outdoor activities for adults - most of which are physically active or intense and some are plain fun which is perfect for kids too!

Camp N will be open for Team Building, suited to company's group size, objectives and needs. Trust it will be so perfect for schools with students in supervised field trips, social groups and individual walk-ins. Come 16th of April 2016, the space will be launched in phases, visitors can enjoy the following amenities: 

For thrill-seekers like myself, you will definitely enjoy the Roller Coaster Zipline (biggest in Asia), Free Fall, Climbing Wall and Rappel Wall)
I wasn't a beast yesterday due to my neck pains but will definitely go back and try everything soon!
Per Guidelines, all participants and riders should be in perfect physical condition. Pregnant women or people with health conditions (i.e. hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, orthopedic problems, etc) are strongly advised not to use the facilities. Again, we must listen to our body at all times!

Prior to enjoying the facilities, a waiver must be signed plus the required supervision from the site owner / operator. If you're under 18, get an adult companion sign the waiver. 

Maximum weight allowed for the courses is 270 lbs. 

Remember to use all required equipment safely, as directed!
Clothing should be appropriate for the weather and must be body fitting to avoid catching on apparatus. 

This side has three challenge levels from Basic to Advanced, encompassing a broad spectrum of skill levels!

3) AERIAL WALK, a series of rope-based challenges set high in the air!

Camp N surely would want everyone to have an unforgettable experience and safety is their number one priority; These lanyards, even carabiner and hooks are all imported. 

There is no age limit in Camp N, however, the minimum height requirement of a user is four feet (48 inches) or 1.20 meters. For minors, they can still use the Aerial Walk as long as they are accompanied and guided by their parent or guardian.  


The High and Low Rope Initiatives are series of balancing platforms and tightropes set just a little above the ground and requires the participation of small groups. 

Long hair must be tied back so as not to be caught in the pulleys, ropes or any equipment. It is strongly recommended that any loose jewelry be removed, especially necklaces, bracelets and loose watch and be mindful on choosing the right sports shoes or boots. 

(Coming Soon!) 


This is a thriving demo organic farm and nursery spanning three hectares inside Camp N then will feature a variety of endemic and indigenous tree and plant species. Within the coming months, they will expand activities to include fruit and vegetable picking as they are also proud that every single vegetable and root crop in the folk song "Bahay Kubo" can be found, enjoyed and learned from Greens and Patches. Eventually, the area will be developed for art workshops, group-led meditation sessions and other serene activities. The place is truly amazing for yoga! 

Once you booked your trip, this is the Orientation Hut to welcome visitors to be briefed on the facilities including shower area, clinic, parking and soon-to-open canteen and camp grounds. 

"Camp N is for everyone and anyone who is not only looking for some outdoor adventure fun but a place where they can recharge and connect with other people or even themselves, while being surrounded by nature" - Nuvali's General Manager John Estacio

On April 16th, Camp N will be the venue for the first leg of the "AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016", a multi-stage adventure race similar to The Amazing Race, also popularized by the AXN network. This is an anticipated intense obstacle challenges and the first 20 finishers will head to Boracay for the final round. Only 200 teams from Manila may join the AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016

Infinity and All-Challenge require advanced booking

Infinity - Entrance, Zipline, Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Climbing Wall, Aerial Walk, Obstacle Course, Initiatives, High Ropes P1300

All-Challenge - Entrance, Zipline, Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Climbing Wall, Aerial Walk, Obstacle Course, Initiatives P800

All-Gravity - Zipline, Free Fall and Rappel Wall P600

Zip & Air - Long Zipline, Climbing Wall, Full Aerial Walk P500

Jump & Air - Long Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Full Aerial Walk P450 

Zip & Jump - Long Zipline, Long Free Fall, Rappel Walk P450

Short Stint - Short Zipline, Short Free Fall, Level 2 Aerial Walk P450

For group booking and other inquiries, email or contact +63 977- 8422676

To get to Nuvali, take any of the five SLEX exits - Mamplasan, Sta.Rosa, Eton-Greenfield, Silangan and Canlubang. Nuvali is easily accessible via public vehicles from major centers like Makati, BGC and Balibago while Camp N is locared within the heart of Nuvali just right beside the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. Shuttles to and from Terminal to Camp N also will be regular beginning April 16th. 

Have also experienced feeling a hunter for a few minutes *smiles*

Thank you so much for the experience and this hearty meal...

T.G.I.F's <333

Nuvali now has Ayala Malls Solenad - over 400 shopping, dining and entertainment options! 

Here's another activity worth seeing when in Nuvali - Republ1c Wakepark!

Riding Hours:
Monday to Thursday 08:30 - 18:30 
Friday to Sunday (Holiday and Summer Time) 08:30 - 10:00

Day Ride ranges from P250 - P995 for an 8 HOUR PASS
Night Ride from P350 - P800

Unlimited Riding Packages also available for P5000 (1 week) to P55000 (1 year) 

*Price may change without prior notice)

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  1. This is great! I can see from your photos that they are utilizing quality and sturdy equipment. I liked the fact that they are more accessible compared to other teambuilding sites. Thanks for sharing :) - Me-An

  2. So much to see, and a lot facilities, good for groups and personal adventure, thankyou for sharing, great blog

  3. Great to know there is this camp at Nuvali. Sta. Rosa and especially Nuvali has come a long way from what used to be farm land to becoming a modern urban center.

  4. We used to go to Nuvali pero nanawa ang mga bata because wala pang attractions before. Aba, dapat na pala kaming bumalik. The kids will be happy to do wakeboarding.

  5. Brings back my childhood camps! This is so much fun for kids who want some adventures this warm season!! :)

    The Daily Whim

  6. I love going back again and again in Nuvali! :D Now with these new activities, am sure my teeners would love to go with me, too.

  7. I was supposed to go but I wasn't feeling well since Friday until now. I'm glad you guys had a lot of fun and enjoyed the day.

  8. All photos are amazing!! I wanna go back here because I wanna try those activities!!

  9. This reminded me of Pugad in La Union! The prices seem reasonable.I hope to try their zipline!

  10. This kind of fun is definitely what my boys would enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Would surely try this as well.

  11. My back problem has limited the activities I can do. I remember not being able to join team building activities when I was still working at the corporate.

  12. This is a great spot for team buildings! The last time I went to Nuvali, we just did a tree-planting activity. I didn't know they had this now. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Aww.. now I am sad. I was not able to join because I've been sick.

    Happy because you had a great time.


  14. I was just there this weekened and I could feel it's still new. I like the whole set up and I love how they utilise each part of the park where every visitor can just do the activities he prefers.

  15. This looks like a fun place to do team building. I love to try archery.

  16. Seems great even for a family. :) I love Nuvali's community. They have all these things inside while maintaining the greenery. My husband's company planned for their team building a few weeks ago. Sayang, di na sana sila lumayo.

  17. Indeed, there are so many things you can do in Nuvali :) This looks like a great attraction :)

  18. This is really good for team building or those who are into sports. The place looks amazing and the activities are exciting.

  19. This is so perfect for team building! I'm curious about the kiddie activities that are still to come. :)

  20. We've yet to visit Nuvali but this is something I'll include in my to do's when we do.Looks fun and exciting!

  21. I want to try this kind of activities for a change, we usually just go out swimming and sight seeing so this place is definitely on my bucket list!

  22. It's look fun and exciting, my hubby will love this one.

  23. Wow! Glad to know that Nuvali is having more and more tourist attractions, the last time I was there was restaurants palang yung meron. Will definitely visit Nuvali this summer.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  24. This is for the adventurous! I saw the zip line there and haba!

  25. Looks super fun! Not just for families parang perfect also for team building activities! :)

  26. We're definitely going to check this out at Nuvali. For sure, it's going to be fun!

  27. Is it only a group thingy? I was wondering if okay lang if family only. Someone shared about this in one of our homeschooling communities but it was a month ago pa. Can't find her post anymore.


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