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I, for one, love spending time outdoors. Was asked a few times if I like nature... That's like asking to know if I need some air which I obviously do, need and want!

I love the isolation at times! It's totally weird for some people but it simply clears my head. The views of the water for instance gives me peace. Seeing, discussing green (more positive things we can do for Mother Earth)  always has this calming effect to my body and mind!

I didn't overthink when I received the invite to join the Green Thumb Coalition. I am a lover of nature and will forever support effective advocates similar to them and defend our environment's preservation for the children and future generations. 

During the GTC Bloggers Meet-Up yesterday at La Mesa Eco Park, the coalition itemized (9) THEMATIC ISSUES to work on:

- Climate justice
- Waste management
- Biodiversity preservation and ecosystem integrity
- Nautral resouce and land use management and governance
- Sustainable agriculture
- People-centered sustainable development
- Upholding human rights and integrity of creation 
- Energy transformation and democracy 
- Mining, extractives and mineral resource management

I am deeply saddened from documented videos where industrial mining operations damaging the environment shared by ALKFI Advocacy and Partership Director Norie Garcia; Local communities sited impacts on their farming and health. One of the guests, Ivan Henares also made an inspirational talk that travelling is not only meeting people, discovering new places and cultures but more importantly being a responsible tourist everywhere you go.

One of the objectives of the Green Agenda is to encourage our future leaders to put the environment in their platform... This 2016 election, stay smart and wise, vote for someone who love the environment as much as we do!

Thank you for this wonderful exposure Green Thumb! More power to all on-going and upcoming projects... Be one of us and join Green Thumb Coalition! For more information, check ~

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