10 Things I Miss About Shanghai ~

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This China business/work trip happened October (last week) - November of 2014. I have tried to blog about this as soon as I came in our front door but was crazy busy and ended up getting my well-deserved time to share all these today. 

I flew with (2) of my colleagues to China on a Sunday: MNL - PVG via China Eastern which happened to be the (first) super early flight of my life; able to checked-in at NAIA 1 right before 3:00am! 
It was a 3h 25m travel and we landed at about 8:00am at Shanghai Pu Dong ~

If you can avoid getting the exit rows, do it! 
GIRLS! We can't hold our bags during the flight hence I was awake the whole time. Although for travelers wishing some extra leg room then the seats may be best, you just have to listen to a flight attendant and know how to operate the exit doors in case of emergency. 

Then my long list begins now for I was totally wrong... Shanghai is beautiful! <333

1) Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
They have (2) international airports in Shanghai but this is the main aviation located at S1 Yingbin Expy, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Btw, was able to acquire a Chinese Visa valid for 3 months!

Thank you! :)

2) Hai Di Lao HotPot
I swear, that was the first time I enjoyed Shabu-Shabu (Sichuan-style hotpot)!

The best place when in Shanghai, locals agree!

3) Greenland Jiulong Hotel - about an hour drive from the airport but walking distance to the office, about 2 km from the Bund and 4 km to Yu Garden, etc!

Photo not mine but Mark's, but the room is relatively same! 

4) The (shimmering) Bund is worth getting out of your hotel room
On our first night, we walked from the hotel to The House of Roosevelt, that view from the Sky Bar

5) This Buffet Restaurant (no English name) inside Super Brand Mall situated in Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone

6) Food stalls along Jiangxi Rd (N) 
Can't believe how they eat there; they have the biggest appetite!

7) Yu Garden 

The best place for pasalubong like shirts, shawl, ref magnets, ornaments et al! Also, don't miss to try the famous steamed buns (Xiao Long Bao) at 8) Nanxiang (ground floor, middle part of the garden)  

9) Nanjing Road for some serious shopping! 

10) Nemo plus his almost everyday gifts who made our stay worthwhile! 
Not all Chinese can speak good English thus one of the challenges in case you fly solo. Thankful I met him in a restaurant where no one can help out, except him!

Shall I come back now that Disneyland is open? We shall see! Ready when the money is! ;)

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