MUST-EAT Dishes at ConFusion Diner!

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Eating places down the stretch of Aguirre road in BF Homes mostly has good amount of comfort food throughout the day until late evening. One pretty casual is ConFusion Diner - a small, homey setting perfect for meetup, talks and food-loving audience that pride themselves, especially the Chef on making delicious food just like it's taken from our kitchen at home...

ConFusion was brought by the merger of two words:

Con - Spanish term for "with"

Fusion - the process or result of joining two or more things together to for a single entity. 
"Fusion of our ideas!" shared by Jordan, one of the Owners. 

The diner is a fusion of flavors and recipes that brings memory to each of the people who runs the restaurant. The brand, ConFusion is their way of saying that the restaurant is made "with" their fondest memories in mind and piece of their beings. 

Best places aren't necessarily the easiest to find and sample authentic Asian cuisine with a twist; I don't personally think there's anything on the Menu that will disappoint, check out delicious range of inexpensive favorite recipes and meals without skimping on taste (mostly Starters), worth putting on your list when you get the chance:

Homemade goodness, served with mouthwatering Chili Longganisa and cheese sauce

Crispy real potato chips replaced the regular tortilla chips with fresh-chunk style salsa (diced tomatoes, onions and riped mango) and the oozing cheese is thoroughly melted! I enjoyed it so much cause it wasn't too soaked up with oil. Eat right away, if you want it shatteringly crunchy! 

A tale of two classic taste, crispy sisig folded in white tortilla served with cheese and ranch!

This is so new for me (tortillas stuffed with cheese and sisig) 'cause I get Quesadilla everywhere and everytime. I am good even without the ranch dressing, perfect for sharing!

CRISPY CALAMARI, served with garlic aioli P180

You'll also love their Asian-style Squid Rings! Just like the secret to delicious shrimp tempura isn't the shrimp or prawns but the batter. I swear, it's one the best Calamari batters I've tried. Not greasy and stays on their huge slices of squid.  

These will make you feel good about feeding your picky kids! 

The marriage of two of the greatest food items! Chicken wings tossed and covered with Tocino flavored sauce serve with Ranch sauce

One of the bestsellers so I was eager to try them. 
Indisputably delicious, definitely a steal for P160/plate, believe me you would literally strip those skin off the bones with your fingers! 

Now if you want hella spicy... Get the SRIRACHA WINGS P160 

I was skeptical at first, usually wings are just flaming hot yet bland but these crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside wings plus glazed and sticky sauce found hard to resist! Well marinated hence tasty even to its bones. 

If you love spices and ribs then you will enjoy the flavors on your plate! Served with veggies and rice or mashed potatoes. 

They uses country-style ribs, so tender and fall-off-the-bone baby back pork ribs, rubbed with spices and tangy barbeque sauce... YUMMY!


Baked, cheesy cream dory fish fillet topped with garlic and mixed herbs. Guaranteed light and healthy!

FISH AND CHIPS (P185) has become part of our local cuisine and available nearly everywhere. ConFusion uses Pinoy's favorite smoked milkfish. A must-try, melt-in-the-mouth quality!

Last but not least is their RIBEYE PARES P250
This is ConFusion take on a classic pinoy fare but with all upgrades and flavor...

I am personally a Rib eye freak but still partial to Sriracha Ribs amongst Mains. Thinly sliced but meat is full, tender and crusty. Cooked somewhere in between medium-rare to well done.

And for our sweet finish... 

Choco Lava P120

This is the most delicious (so far) Chocolate Molten Lava Cake I have ever tasted! Simple yet the warm, gooey center is so good... Think I can have two next time, all mine? 

Mango Mousse P120

Good but not great or the Choco Lava got my heart...

Before I forget, their house blend Iced Tea is good as well; You won't think how much sugar in your iced tea, you'll pour it yourself. Fair enough, I can take with no syrup!

    True, there's no shortage of great places to eat on a budget! Next time, will try the Rice Toppings, Pastas and Sandwiches. I know we always want a nice parking spot but likely a challenge mostly when exiting the car, during weekends. 

Come on down for a trip, I highly recommend ConFusion Diner - amazing service, inexpensive quality food, cozy atmosphere. If the weather is right, try a little outdoor seating and enjoy your meals... 

ConFusion Diner is at 231 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque, nestled in between Krazy Katsu and The Burgery. Their Menu items are not in shape or form similar to both mentioned restaurants!  

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  1. Sisig Quesadilla sounds good to me!!! Yun lang its very far from me! :(

  2. We love discovering new restos at BF! Will hunt for this place next time we drive there just for the tocino wings. Plus prices are mura pa!

  3. Everything looks yummy, especially the tocino wings -- what a unique combination! The resto's name is so witty, too.

  4. Everything looks so inviting and delicious. When I see yummy treats like these, how I wish the place is near ours'.

  5. Ok. I am now officially hungry. I won't say no to the wings. And fish and chips. Yum!

  6. Why does it have to be in South? :(( I hope they'll open a branch in QC.

  7. Everything is mouthwatering but I have my eyes on the baked fish...

  8. The Loaded Potato Chips look sooo good... ang layo lang kasi from me.

  9. Oh my g. Those potato chips are divine. And sisig quesadillas? c'mon! haha! I need this in my neighborhood! :)

  10. The chicken wings and dessert looks really appetizing.

  11. prices arent bad for the portion sizes. have you tried kapeng mainit?

  12. Mouthwatering! The loaded potato chips looks so tempting.

  13. Saraaaap!!! :) sira diet ko nito. :)

  14. Wooow! It's just in BF!! My husband will definitely love the Sriracha Wings! LOL. Halos humigop na kasi sya ng Tabasco sa sobrang hilig sa maanghang. Hihi

  15. Wow the sriracha ribs! Everything looks so yummy and worth every penny =)


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