I was at the Block Party | WANDERLUST 2016

7:40:00 AM

19 to 20 March 2016 - How about we take a trip right in the neighborhood? There will be awesome global food, local, artisanal and tour-worthy finds, ingenious and artsy recreations for the whole family and travel-related merch and activities. See you at the Recreational Park in Alabang Country Club, Ayala Alabang Village tomorrow until Sunday! Our favorite lifestyle park pop-up will give everyone a full day steady revelry at the park as they kick off the season with just the right summer elements every wayfarer is after...

Let's love the weekend more and check out as follows:


These are a few crowds favorite that day!

It’s a two-day global and neighbourhood food fest with Cannoli & Co, Takao, Sugar Babies Desserts Unlimited, Choochoochorizo, Pizza Morena, BONO Gelato, The Juice Stand, Wit’s Sweets & Savouries, Jimmy D’s, Thirsty Turtle, The Belly Good Roast Beef, Pepi Cubano, Streetside Bakers, Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee, Pedro Brewcrafters Craft Beer, BAO.MNL, Ice Pops Manila, Mixed Objects, Project Hearth, Native Gourmet, Pino Group, Global Grub, Tramezzino Panini, Pound4Pound Grilled Burgers, Taco Vengo!, Vegetari Vegetarian, Quencher Ph, and Saddam’s Shawarma

Can't believe I ignored this once or twice... Bao.Mnl is well worth trying if you also crave for Bagnet at times!

She's so happy to see one of her good friends... <3

One fine Sunday to have a chit chat with Kench over deliciously made gelato of Bono - Milo Dinosaur please!

I also brought a box of Pizza Morena for my son who decided to stay home. I don't blame him, it was too hot! ;)

I also got a sweet treat from Cannoli & Co. Trust me, one isn't enough :P
Chocolate Ganache, Mascarpone, Ricotta Cream, Chopped Pistachios!!!


Shop for your upcoming summer adventures with The Bisqit, Bicspoke, Cocooni, Tall Things, Space Garden, Eclations, Travel Finds Shop, KANSIS Made, Go GEARS 72, Katch Ph, Just Go Travel Bags, Life Documented Manila, Dashed Lines, Regalia Ph, Bossmarx, Midnight City Curiosities, Bonita The Label, Felt Soph Fun, Comrade Leather Goods, Quwero Leather Accessories, Accessosyal, Happy Bubbles, Mixed Objects, 1372 designs,   Ants Pocket, Exceed Philippines, La Playa Blanca, Kraftrina X Tonio, CMC Furshoppe, One For The Road, Esther 2:12, Poetry Magnets, Fashion Depot, Artsy Kit, Scented Soy Candles & Scents, 400 Lux, Details Ink, Island Style, Wasteland Manila, Wooden Canvas, The Good Times, Tipi Island, Sunshine Pots, Gouache, Rainbow Hiccup, Cubs Toddler Shoes, and more

One of the reasons why I dragged myself out of bed so early... Kansis Made!
Owned and founded by Mr and Mrs Kenny Ansis, pretty good friends of mine now getting busy on their recycled wood crafts. Look at their creations -

So clever to reuse old (thought useless) wood they have around the house! Knowing my friend Dulce, who makes cool stuff from the very beginning, got too much collection and the husband who wants to organize everything better have hundred amazing ideas, to date! Pure handmade, check them out at www.facebook.com/KansisMade
They can personalize anything you have in mind! Planes...


Art exhibit by Type Kita, crafty workshops at the park, petting zoo by The Barnyard Friends on Wheels and kids arts & crafts by Crafty Junior and Go Make! Arts are open to all for the whole weekend!

What’s more, they're giving away Mabuhay Miles to participants:
9,000 miles for the fourth prize (domestic round trip)
15,000 miles for the third prize (domestic round trip)
25,000 miles for the second prize (international round trip) and 44,500 miles for the first prize (international round trip)
Plus more prizes from our partners Zomato and Y101FM too!

Catch live musical performances by DJ Pasta Groove, Evee Simon, Keiko Necessario, and Shirebound and Busking to complete the steady park festivity!

All for just a PHP50 entrance fee, which will also benefit #CourageousCaitie

This event is brought to you by Ampersand Collective with McCormick Philippines and Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles. Special thanks to media partners Zomato, Y101fm, What’s To Love Ph, ClickTheCity.com, AktivShow, PYE.ph, 1DigiMedia Audio Visuals Inc., and Candy Mag, along with other commercial partners Crafty Junior, Go Make! Arts, 360 Fitness Club and AXA Philippines.

Cute, haha!

Thanks again the invite Zomato Philippines!

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  1. The pictures are so tempting! I feel bad that I live far from Alabang.

  2. looks like a fun fun fun and another fun event. So love the picture of the girls enjoying their gelato.

  3. Too bad tapos na! :( Would have loved to go, as we are also from the south. Keep us posted on the awesome events in the South of Manila! :)

  4. I love these kinds of events.It's a little of ecerything ans that makes it interesting.

  5. I never knew there are these kind of events at the South. This one is cool.

  6. I feel bad that I missed this event. Looks like you had a lot of fun, though. Good for you! :)

  7. Wow looks like a very fun event, too bad I missed it i'm just from Las Pinas pa naman. Oh by the way I liked the one that you got from Cannoli & Co. looks yumm! :)

  8. This looks like a great event! I hope they have one in QC!

  9. This looks fun! I hope there will be an event like this in Manila :)



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