Wild Wild Wings on Valentine's Night

10:53:00 PM

Took my kids out and we tried Wild Wild Wings along Saudi Arabia St., in Better Living. It's one of the newest and just about 10 minutes drive from where we stay at the moment. Sorry but I don't see what all the fuss was about! The girl owner at the receiving area inside was pretty nice enough to offer my kids some cute cookies while we wait for seats. We were called after about 20 minutes... Btw, it's their soft-opening! 

We checked their offerings then ordered: 

"Carbonara (Bacon)" P110
The kids weren't blown away! Such a popular staple for them and there was much bacon on it but not creamy and tasty period. It was in fact watery so thought the noodles weren't drained well (?) or probably their sauce. But either way, won't say more, not BAD AT ALL for it's price.

"Beefie Bacon Mushroom Melt" P140
By the looks of it, except the bun, I was like wow, such a good buy 'cause the beef patty is thick, bacon was just right, smoky and the cheese is good but they wasted all the flavor... THE BURGER TASTED GAS :(  Stovetop, gas grill, i have no idea!? 

"Chicken Wings" 8 pieces P220
+ 2 bottles of water and another 2 for myself...

If you're really hungry, trust you should get 12 pieces or double up. The wings are way smaller than the usual "chicken wings" we are used to or get if we crave some. It's good but literally hot. 

The place is intimately small; I am sure they can do better so we can go for a cheap and good meal next time, even on a budget. Also hope they can separate the used/finished plates, utensils and trays from the newly cooked food ready for serving. More power WWW!

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