Eat. Drink. DETOX. Love.

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While I'm terrible at more than eating clean, I go fasting and give the body a detox once in a while. I think of it as a reset every other two weeks, once-weekly on past months and (truly) it's a wonderful feeling.

Well, not everybody understands detox... Other girls say it's a myth, makes them feel so sickly and true that not all needs a detox programme. But I always think we all need some alone time. I would relatively eat someplace where no one knows my name, shove the earphones and ignore the world to allow myself to recharge a bit!

Before I start juicing (juice fast) for a day of three, would normally take light food a night prior to Day 1... Best bet is to avoid high-fat proteins like red meat so you can also try Detoxify Bar's Maple Glazed Chicken - roasted boneless chicken breasts, richly glazed and juicy!

Also ordered Focaccia Bread served with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dip (now scouting for a good recipe) ;) Herby, similar to panettone. I wanted cheese!

1 of 3 of their Indulgence Series: Carob Nutmilk is a good replacement for Chocolates 

Ingredients: Carob - A good source of selenium which is essential in maintaining healthy thyroid function. It is high in calcium and protein and low in fat making it a healthy superfood.

Almonds - Helps prevent heart disease by lowering low density cholesterol and protecting artery walls from damage. Also aids in regulating blood sugar and insulin levels especially after meals.

Not sure if they still have the Smoothie Bowls? It is so good and trust a perfect alternative when we're tired of cereals. I heard in the US, people can even have the toppings customized. 

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  1. Any detox method can feel a little weird the first time but it's very beneficial. I've heard it actually removes food allergies as it cleanses the toxins that are messing up ypur system.


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