Alaska Philippines' National Training Camp 2016 led by NBA Head Coaches

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I am so inspired to see young athletes, given that it's important for health and physical development, I am very much hoping to encourage my children to pursue their dreams to take up a hobby, perhaps only one sport or two - his and her best sports, whatever it is and continue train for it! Can't literally wait to root for my kids' passion... 

I captured this photo for I truly applaud her parents; it simply shows encouragement and 
support in things she enjoy doing - Basketball!

 My only dream is for my children to confidently make ALL (everything in their best interest) their dreams come true! 

This is Alaska Philippines' Objective - to encourage Youth Basketball participation in the country as they returned on it's 9th year! 

Ever since, basketball deem to be a very rewarding sport, a common fantasy to most guys but I just realized that it's one of the least expensive sports whether you're a pro or just starting out. All we need is a hoop and ball to play plus a nice pair of rubber shoes!

Through the promotion of proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, Jr. NBA / Jr. WNBA presented by Alaska Philippines continues to be an effective platform in implementing Alaska Milk's NUTRITION. ACTION. CHAMPION. program that helps address the issue of overweight and undernourished children in the Philippines. 

These young athletes should focus more on proper nutrition as it can enhance their performance! As they train hard, recover with proper and sufficient sleep, having an optimal hydration and dietary helps repair muscles and stay strong to their daily routine or intense work out. 



The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA program comprised of four stages: 

Skills Clinic in schools and communities, Regional Selections Camps, National Training Camp and an NBA Experience Trip.

The planned clinics will run nationwide until April which will stop in Bukidnon, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, Manila, Puerto Princesa, first time locations such as Batangas, Catanduanes and Cavite. Players selected from the clinics will hae the opportunity to showcase their skills in tryouts during Regional Selection Camps to be held in Baguio come 20-21/February, Davao on 27-28/February, Cebu by 5-6/March then Metro Manila 9-10/April. Top 50 boys and 24 girls from the camps will advance to the National Training Camp by 22-24/April.

Apart from the camps and clinics, the search for the 2016 Jr. NBA Coach of the Year started in Manila led by (All-Star Basketball Coaches) NBA Head Coaches Craig Brown and Chris Sumner along with Alaska Power Camp Coach Jeffrey Cariaso. Ten Jr. NBA and four WNBA will be selected as finalists and trained at the National Training Camp.  

CloudFone, Gatorade and Globe Telecom serve as Official Partners while Spalding is a Supporting Partner. ABS-CBN Sports + Action, Basketball TV and NBA Premium TV are the Official NBA Broadcasters of the Jr. NBA/WNBA in the Philippines. 

Again, this program is FREE and open to boys and girls ages 10-14. Coaches and participants can now register online at where Terms and Conditions may be found. 

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To learn more about Alaska Milk Corporation, visit and

For years, I have been a loyal fan of Alaska Philippines! MILK will forever be a good carb for my family and myself... 

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  1. Wow this is nice! I've been enrolling my son every summer in a basketball clinic. I wish he could be a star athlete someday..

  2. This is interesting. I am planning to enroll my son to watever sports he likes In the future. It's good to train children while they are young

  3. I'm interested! Will be checking out their website, bagay na bagay to sa mga bagets ko

  4. My husband loves basketball and we are hoping that my son will love it too.

  5. Interesting and something I know the boys would love too. Thanks for this.

  6. Training camps such as these are a great way to boost a child's interest in sports and help with their development.

  7. If ever I have a son, I'll make sure to let him join camps like this instead of locking himself up inside his room with a gadget.

  8. I wish they would have a sked in Paranaque or Makati, nearer to us. My kids go to sports camps as well... :D

  9. Was this in don bosco makati? We were there! :) my husband's a big basketball fan and plays even when he's sick. So he likes bringing our 6-month old to such. Early exposure. :)

  10. This is perfect activities this summer for kids and young adults!

  11. cool, something for us to look into this summer :)

  12. Cool! Sports clinics like this is really something many kids and mommies look forward to. :)


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