Myra® Facial Wash: VitaWhite and VitaSmooth

8:47:00 PM

I got this cute package in the mail days ago!
Now I wonder how much you would normally spend for a simple and good face wash...

What do you wash your face with? 

I've tried both and I like it! Think it would work best if I use Vitawhite before bed time then Vitasmooth during the day...

Myra® VITAWHITE and VITASMOOTH are both enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E beads to protect and nourish skin, these are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested hence safe for everyday use. All we know it's all about finding the right facial wash / cleanser! We must always choose products that are formulated for our skin types: whether sensitive, dry, oily, combination or blemished; Some good brands, whether cheap or steep would work for myself but won't work for everyone.

Your face wouldn't feel stretchy after wash so I know both are mild, no harsh ingredients that will inflame our skin. 

VITASMOOTH, from the name itself is more gentle, lighter to apply but both are soothing, spiked with Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. Good for oily skin cause it absorb excess oils and VITAWHITE has Biowhite Complex which is derived from plant extracts that also calms the skin. 

Try it for yourself soon! 

Myra® VITAWHITE 50ml (P75.00) and VITASMOOTH 50 ml (P70.00) now available at leading groceries and drugstores nationwide!

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