Food Flight in the South 2015

10:01:00 AM

So, this happened over the weekend! Missed Bugsy's though, cause traffic, you were terrible! 

Where to go and eat in the South? Here are a few! 

Sushi Ninja Philippines is a small hidden place with excellent food and service. It was my first time last Saturday and think portions are so big, as I looked when the food are being served. Gauge if you will need an appetizer.  

You are fond of sushi if we meet inside Sushi Ninja then don't miss this Kobe Toshi! Deifnitely worth paying for! It was a satisying dish, in fact their sets are very affordable. They said that's Wagyu on top, not too soft but still find it delicious and freshly prepared. 

I was never on raw food diet / foodism so the salad is just so-so! 

Want to chill? Go to Neil's Kitchen! Firstly, I would say GREAT staff, setting and  excellent food! I love the place - it's so casual, laid back, not too big but still lovely. First rate food, will definitely go back!

Per Owner Neil, this dish is a reconstructed deconstruction: Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly
Give me 5 STARS!
Have you tried combining Paella and Sinigang? It will rock your world... The soup is already mixed when served! YUM.

If Sinigang is your comfort food all the way, eat this! I considered it best if the sour soup is not too sour and when you don't have to put fish sauce once mixed with rice... Mouth watering and the pork belly is tasty, soft, generous portion. 

So stuffed, couldn't possibly eat more but the word NO wasn't even an option when I saw Melo's Christmas Steak Roulade with Turkey Stuffing and Sweet Potatoes - 
Would be a shame to avoid it! Look at that...

This one for meat lovers! 

Melo's is well-loved for their steaks! As always, very pleasing to the palate. Flavorful, wonderfully tender, juicy. Craving some casual night with perfectly seared steaks and red wine, Melo's is the place to be!

Last stop was good enough for a lot of eating! :D
Fruity goodness for smoothie lovers out there... Two of my favorite fruits combined together! 

Available mid-December at Detoxify Bar!

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See you around!

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