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At one point, we have been to a Japanese restaurant. I first fell in love with their cuisine when I was about 14 years old. I have grown to check the best tasting Japanese dishes in Manila. One day, will have an awesome time in Tokyo! 

My kids and myself were in BGC after church and all hungry. For a lot of reasons, you have to try these in Tokyo Bubble Tea... 

Inside the resto, so cozy and perfect for an afternoon tea but you have to park along Rizal Dr ^ which is about 5-7 establishments away. Not too bad anyway!

We had Chicken Karaage Fingers, Ebi TempuraChashu Pork Miso Ramen, Beef Gyudon and Rice ~

I like their Tempura Sauce; for once, I didn't ask for fresh ginger radish, they serve enough, of course if you want more, just ask. The batter wasn't greasy and really crispy!

We're all partial to fried rice with chicken fingers and the like... The kids were happy with the Karaage, so so for me. It was so tender, but somewhat bland. Good thing, fries is very nice!

All thumbs up for the beef and ramen!!!

This is one of the best rice bowls we have tried. Extra saucy, tasty and yummy! The beef serving is just right with the rice. So soft as if you're munching on bacon slices. Anything with egg is always better too hence my son smiled from ear to ear. So good for the price. 

... and this is mine! 
The kids started to eat and I've probably waited for more than 15 minutes but yes this Chashu Pork Miso Ramen is worth waiting for!

Well I don't eat "EVERY" THING but the ingredients they had on the bowl are my usual thing. So hearty, big, the deep rich broth with my curly delicious noodles - MMMMMMMM; will definitely go back for more! Next time, would probably add spices... 

Coming back for your teas, coffee and sweets, real soon!

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