Sanggala 3rd Outreach Program: Share A Life

11:43:00 AM

Sanggala Mountaineers will be having their 3rd Outreach Program for the year. The chosen beneficiary will be one of the barangays in Gabaldon Nueva Ecija - Brgy. Camachile

Courtesy and with the assistance of Municipal Government of Gabaldon, they will assist the group to gather information and proper coordination with the barangay. 

Suggested donation from the Municipal Coordinator, Mr. Chito dela Cruz, are grocery packages like rice, canned goods, noodles, soap, medicine and other primary needs which will be necessary especially for those most oppressed family in the area.

All are welcome to share what they can!

The group also seeking Health Professionals like doctors, dentist, nurses and specialist to share their time for the mentioned Barangay.

God speed and share our life with others!


Join us at the Event Page

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