TEMPURA, let's go!

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Across Manila, tempura can be found in many types of restaurants...
If you like it (ebi, vegetable, crabs, scallops, et al) so much and anything casual, Tempura is a good place to visit right now if you're totally craving!

One of my ultimate favorite Japanese dishes is Prawn Tempura, paired with fresh lemonade but opted for some mango smoothie yesterday. Here's one of their signature dish: KING-SIZE PRAWN TEMPURA P480 (2pcs.) / P250 (1pc.)

I always feel good whenever there's ginger radish served for added taste along with the dipping sauce!

I read many times before that the secret to delicious shrimp tempura isn't the shrimp but the batter. One of the best tempura batters I've tried. It wasn't greasy, stays on the shrimps, scallops and crabs and really crispy; it really gets messy!

I truthfully love shrimps, not the idea of using my hands to peel the skin thus I love the easy to pick Tempura!!!

By the way, they have great Lunch menu; I just can't think of anyone who doesn't like tempura...

Another highly recommended is the SOFT SHELL CRAB TEMPURA available for P325


If you're a wine-lover, get a Japanese Sake - what we had is very light colored, has a sweet flavor and contains about 18% alcohol.

... and if you can't do without rice, get the bestseller SEAFOOD KAISEN RAISU P210
Sweet and spicy fried rice with salmon, tuna, shrimp, scallops, cream dory with spicy & crunchy anchovies. Nice and big for 2 to 3!

Hmmmm, thank you Tempura! The sweetness and freshness of the prawns, totally amazing! So light and crunchy!

Don't miss the MOLTEN LAVA CAKE!

Warm and oozing runny chocolate goodness! Dense and moist... Please try as it can kill your chocolate craving real fast!

Like Tempura on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tempurajapanesegrill to know the latest and great offerings! 

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