Kapampangan Flavors: Apag Marangle

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Amongst all the Filipino cuisine, I can say Kapampangan style is the most diverse and popular. I don't know every cooking methods they do but they have distinctive ingredients on their flavorful dishes. I am not a beginner eater of Kapampangan food, I just don't think I could take enjoying lizard, frog, crickets and anything similar, but yes, their food is to die for!

I need to see this view for real... ^ Of course, everything started at Apag Marangle in Bacolor, Pampanga

It was my first time at their Park Square branch weeks ago. I was there with some friends and we bond over cherished dishes and desserts...

So do you love Pampanga food?

I relatively dedicate myself to finding the best places to enjoy specialties in town... Take a look!

Being curious as always, I opted for "Tidtad" P298
"Literally chopped, Pampanga's definitive Pork Blood Stew akin to the Dinuguan"

It doesn't look complicated right? Not bloody at all!
Tasty and homey with chopped chili. I enjoyed it so much for I don't usually get Dinuguan except homecooked. Not too sour and totally perfect for my "Tabang Talangka Rice" - sold separately for P195

... and Kare-Kare in crock pot P545

- flavorful Kare-Kare often dubbed as the best for the authentic Kapampangan cuisine and I strongly agree!

Traditional, rich, creamy and thickened with peanuts! This have won my heart and palate! Also noticed that Apag don't scrimp on ingredients, meat for the most part! 

Sigang king Sampaluk o Kamias P295 - P320
(Cooked in Fresh Tamarind juice / Camias ginger lily)

Paro / Shrimp
Pangasius / Dory
Bangus / Milkfish
Babi / Pork Ribs
Manuk / Chicken

Fried Tilapia P210

I have given 5 stars for the authentic Kapampangan food and ridiculous cheap prices in Apag Marangle. Will be back for Sisig soon! 

Oh, don't miss their Ebun Malat (salted Ice Cream) ^ 
I was skeptical at first but I love it and you will!

... and their famous PASALUBONG ~

Congratulations Apag Marangle and stay strong!

Apag Marangle is located in Space 16 & 17, Park Square, Ayala Center, San Lorenzo, Makati City features authentic Kapampangan cuisine with a sophisticated atmosphere.

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