Cocio's PH Launch - first in Asia!

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Cocio is an iconic Danish Chocolate Milk drink, popular and quickly spread throughout Europe. Thank you FlyAce Corporation for bringing Cocio in the Philippines - today's launch marks Cocio Classic being first in the Asia Pacific region and the global launch of Cocio Dark which features more cocoa in each bottle!

"I was impressed with Cocio's meticulous processes when I visited their office in Copenhagen. Every step involved - from choosing ingredient suppliers to advertising the product - stayed true to their core values," said Fly Ace President Jun Cochanco. "Cocio is undoubtedly the best chocolate drink in the market and we think it's about time we share it with the country."

Each bottle contains "Nothing but Great Taste"! Known for distinct approach to their beverage and marketing - the brand is a staple in the lives of Danes. Commonly paired with hotdogs, think I will enjoy that! 


Danish couple Anker and Ella Pallesen in 1951 developed this chocolate milk drink; Cocio is a wonderful result of much trial and error for about 3 years. Both focused on quality and science behind the process.

Would you believe Cocio is only made using (3) ingredients? MILK, COCOA and a little SUGAR - all of which are sourced from premiere suppliers around the globe. 

Cocio also supports sustainable farming. The drink is free from preservatives stabilizers, also has no artificial taste thus it's truly perfect for even for kids!

From Copenhagen, Denmark to neighborhood. They have branched out to other European countries and the USA. Cocio continues to make waves as a drink of choice for anyone looking for a straightforward cocoa beverage.

It finally reached Asia, through the Philippines shores. "We know Filipinos will love Cocio, it's delicious and made from natural ingredients, perfect for those trying to adapt a more wholesome / healthier diet," explains Jens Christian Krog, Senior General Manager of Arla (where Cocio get their milk) Philippines.

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Cocio is now available in all major convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit You can also follow Cocio on Facebook and Instagram!

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