ROKU: Sushi. Ramen. Donburi. Teppanyaki. Yakitori.

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We could find numerous Japanese restaurants all over Manila but what exactly makes Japanese dining special? 

Truthfully, if the food is really nice - I love certain Japanese food, not traditional but authentic and if prices not too steep if I'm honest.  

A restaurant born out of the love for Japanese cuisine... ROKU is owned and operated by an adorable mother-and-daughter tandem of Sheila and Milka Romero. The name means six in Japanese as they are 6 in the family, from that alone, the casual restaurant embodies the family and sharing atmosphere Filipinos are accustomed to. 

In their travels, everyone would opt for Japanese cuisine. Milka's personal insight in the lack of good quality Japanese restaurants near her university pushed her to create a concept where students can enjoy without hurting their weekly budget. In 2013, they opened their first ROKU in Oracle Hotel along Katipunan Avenue.  

Congratulations to the newest #ILOVEROKU 

ROKU is now open in TriNoma!  

The opening event was a night of good company and great food accompanied by up and coming performers, Curtismith and St.Vincent & The Grenadines. Friends and patrons from the Ayala top management, celebrities, bloggers and media also graced the event. Check out what we enjoyed... 

These pan-seared Pork and Vegetable Dumplings are are made daily from scratch for only P169!

They have wide selection of SUSHI creations together with heft serving of hot RAMEN and DONBURI to satisfy our cravings. Noodles are also freshly made and desserts are hand prepared everyday. 

KANI, TAMAGO, SAKE, MAGURO, EBI, UNAGI ranges from P99 to P169 per order; NIGIRI/SASHIMI SAMPLER is also available for P249/P269

DREAM ROLL is Tempura-battered Salmon, Kani with Cream Cheese for only P259

 If you're a fan of tuna, get the SAILBOAT ROLLS (Spicy Tuna + Crispy Wanton) - one of ROKU's Bestsellers for P259/order

S.S. ROLL - Salmon, Salmon Skin, Cream Cheese, Cucumber P249

I love their Ramen and this Chicken in special sauce - one of the best items I've had over there that night.

For DONBURI, I seriously enjoyed their Chicken Teriyakidon P199 - the chicken is grilled, served with just the right amount of Teriyaki Sauce.  

Oftentimes, Japanese Ramen Bowls are way too expensive but not in ROKU - CHASHU SHOYU TONKOTSU (Shoyu Tonkotsu base, Chashu Pork, Aji Tamago) is very GOOD and saleable for just P289! If you are buying Japanese on a minimal budget, get your Ramen fix at Roku. :)

Also available: in Pork (Miso base) P249
Beef with Shiitake Mushrooms P269
Ebi Tempura P269/P299

Ramen in their Shoyu Tonkotsu broth is the newest, which was specially created by Japanese Ramen Master, Kenji Dobashi of famous ramen house Kagari in Ginza, Japan. It consists of a thick and creamy pork bone broth that has been boiled for 12 hours, Chashu slices that were slow-cooked and marinated for 8 hours and finished off with tasty Aji Tamago and fresh leeks. ROKU and Chef Kenji made it a point to make Ramen affordable for customers at the same time have that authentic
quality taste.

Did I mention that Roku is also known for their desserts? Can't wait to come back... Will probably take the Banana Tempura with Vanilla Ice Cream (P149) or Apple Pie Gyoza (A Roku Origina!) for only P249! They also have cakes, coffee jelly, parfait...

 Take your family and friends to ROKU for their yummy selection of SUSHI. RAMEN. DONBURI. YAKITORI. TEPPANYAKI and more! 

For inquiries and reservations, you may contact either: 

Level 1 Garden Restaurants TriNoma Mall,
Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City
OPEN from 10am-10pm
(02) 625 60 07

5th flr. Oracle Bldg. Katipunan Road, Loyola
Heights, Quezon City
OPEN from 11am-10pm
(02) 352 57 80

"In Roku, there’s always something for everyone. Our prime goal is to keep guests feel comfortable with our menu and service. We ensure that a wide array of traditional
Japanese dishes with ROKU’s signature modern flair are of good quality at affordable

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