Casa Noble + Cointreau = #YourPerfectMargarita

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"My margarita that night was perfect!" We often hear that... What made he say so? Being a popular drink, answers may be as complex at times. Margarita is ranked as the world's third most popular cocktail and would shake up summer parties - frozen margarita is lurve! Refreshing, tasty without being overly sweet or strong. 

It would normally be about personal preferences but we simply need to ensure we use the best ingredients: 
- the finest 100 % blue agave tequila
- the best orange liqueur
- the freshest limes and 
- the cleanest salts

This is why the world's finest tequila (Edwin Ong of Casa Noble) and best orange liqueur (Joey Pineda of Cointreau) companies have come together to give us: YOUR PERFECT MARGARITA

Casa Noble and Cointreau are the true ingredients considered by most mixologists and bartenders when making signature margaritas. Casa Noble, produced since the 1700's is one of the only three organic tequila manufactured worldwide. Over 3,000 acres of blue agave grown on the Casa Noble estate are harvested, cooked in stone ovens, fermented then distilled three times - "not once, but three times", emphasized by Issa Litton the other night. 

... and that's Lee Watson preparing his "Perfect 10" 

I don't mind a good drink now and then... Do you? 
But, if you're really keen on getting buzzed, wasted, try the Perfect 10! *winks*

Everyone's excited for the Margarita Bar Crawl - happening this August to taste the best version of #YourPerfectMargarita on the coolest lounges and bar in town.

I love having margarita when I'm feeling festive... blame it on the table!

Never miss anything exciting and get margarita recipes using Casa Noble and Cointreau by following or

Here are some recommended recipes - "be Cointreauversial"

Cointreau Margarita
2 cl Cointreau
4 cl Tequila
1 cl Lime juice

Method: Mix in a shaker with ice
Glassware: Chilled cocktail glass
Garnish: Put a wedge of lime on the rim

Cointreau Cosmopolitan
2.5 cl Cointreau
5 cl Vodka
Splash of cranberry juice
Juice of 1/2 lime

Method: Mix in a shaker with ice
Glassware: Chilled martini glass
Garnish: Put a twist of orange inside the glass

Cointreau Martini
5 cl Cointreau
Splash of lime

Method: Fill with crushed ice
Glassware: Chilled cocktail glass

Cointreau Caress
5 cl Cointreau
5 cl Irish cream liqueur

Method: Pour the ingredients into the glass over ice and stir
Glassware: Chilled short drink glass


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