Philippines' Grandest Ballroom by Marriott Manila

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You may have heard that on April 10th and 11th, the Rotary 3830 District Conference was held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom with more than 1,000 guests.

 © Marriott Hotel

© Marriott Hotel

Lobby Area - there are 2 other Function Halls of a really good size between 300 and 400 people each and (9) dedicated Meeting Rooms

© Marriott Hotel

With Marriott Hotel Manila's fifth year of successful operations, the hotel has taken its service and facilities to greater heights with the opening of Marriott Grand Ballroom. Situated amidst the bustling entertainment center of Resorts World Manila, the Philippines' first integrated tourist destination, one does not need to go far to enjoy the best in entertainment, shopping, dining, and gaming. It also sits immediately across from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA 3), allowing guests to arrive from the plane to their event in a matter of minutes.

Configurations include meeting rooms for small parties from 10 to 50 guests; the plenary hall for up to 250 guests; and the Grand Ballroom for 2,500 guests for a banquet and up to 4,000 for a performance event. The ballroom's grand design is inspired by Getty's, the global interior design firm with acclaimed work featured in a host of major cities around the globe. Greeting the delegates at the lobby is a stunning masterpiece from one of the Philippines' finest, renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

It was a great pleasure to attend the Grand Launch last Friday! 
From the Asia CEO Awards Media Launch I attended last April, Marriott's General Manager, Bruce Winton proudly presented what's in store for 2015 which includes Philippines' largest hotel convention facility. 

"We're very excited about all the different events and galas and all the things that were gonna do here. Hope you come and check us out sometime very soon!" said Bruce Winton.

I had the opportunity to view the Ballroom and its facilities, enjoyed wines that evening, delicious canapés and finger buffet at it's finest!

I was fascinated by the celestial look and how the ballroom was transformed as if we were transported into space; the star style draping was done perfectly!

Would you travel back in time? 

Audiovisual and lighting components served as decor focal points, people in alien costume, Neytiri from the Avatar Movie and some servers were on space-suit!

A looped video represented dreamy images of things like space warp, the galaxy and a mirror ball.

The theme had a glamorous look and love the starry ceiling and drapes... oh and this giant Chocolate Decadence Cake <333

I blame the Executive Chef Meik Brammer for the delicious food! Never had the chance to take a photo of him, he was busy and very attentive to guests. 

Bruce Winton exclaimed that it is indeed "a little bit more than just a ballroom, not a convention center, but its the same size and what it has is all the luxury and grandeur of five star luxury ballroom!"

The ceilings may be adjusted to 10 - 12 meters, depending on someone's preference and Marriott's Grand Ballroom has 176 led light pillars on it's ceiling that can change any color at the click of the button. 

"The design of the ballroom got a multi-purpose mindset so many many different things we can do, very flexible space."

The place is truly perfect for exhibitions, special gathering and big cocktail receptions!

Feeling so inspired and so close to nature with the massive vertical garden walls on our right... The foyer or the pre-function area can hold thousands of guests comfortably. There are also restaurant concepts as follows: 

MIAN - an Asian inspired noodle bar
Allegro - Chef crafted, Organic, Grab & Go.
Crema - a nice Coffee and Tea shop (Brewing soon)
Yogurt Inc. - for Artisan Yogurts

Special guests with "out of this world "costumes participated during the event took home an overnight accommodation at Marriott's Presidential Suite. 

The dashing Michelle Garcia, Marriott's Director of Marketing and Communications, Greggy Araneta of People’s Asia and our mommy blogger, Lariza Garcia.  

Congratulations Marriott! <333

Event particulars may change at any time, best to check their certified meeting / wedding organizers should you are already planning an event.

For inquiries and event booking, contact:
Marriott Hotel Manila | Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay, Philippines 1309
P 632.988.9999 | F 632.836.9998
P Sales 632.988.9999 loc. 8260/8299 | F Sales 632.988.9946

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  1. Ohh it looks so regal... Too bad I missed all the fun :(

  2. What a grand celebration! Too bad it's too far from me so I couldn't go.

  3. missed this. looked loads of fun. hope to go on the next.

  4. Looks like it was a fantastic night!

  5. I received an invitation to this, my friend's husband works there. Sadly, I had to turn it down as I had a lot to do.

  6. The event looks grand and fun.

  7. Nice party. I like Marriott hotel. The food tastes delish and the service is superb. Haven't tried the rooms though ...

  8. Awww, I missed this event. The wife of the Banquets Manager invited me to this event..:( Oh well, Congratulations to our Mommy Blogger, Lariza! :) hahaha. winner ka talaga!

  9. It looks like a spectacular event. I've only been to Marriot Hotel once for an event. I haven't seen the Grand Ballroom though.


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