GRASS-FED Beef from Australia: Why better for us?

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Glad to have joined the Australian Grass-fed Beef Culinary Trail (Day 4) today. It was an overwhelming experience for I practically learned many things and I've had enough beef from (5) generous restaurants. We started eating meat in the morning until about 8:00 in the evening. Now I can still smell Chef's cooking and thank God it's grass-fed, so delicious and locals seen it as an important component of a healthy lifestyle - 

> Naturally low in fat and cholesterol 
> Bright red meat (source of B vitamins) provides our bodies the essential nutrients 
> Offers higher level of Omega 3 thought to lower blood pressure and/or reduce certain types of cancers
> Australian Grass-fed Beef have the highest Iron and Zinc content compared to other meats and fish

[Information from Meat and Livestock Australia -] Mr Paul Perez, MLA Country Manager also believes "the promotion reinforces Australia's position as the best place to raise beef cattle as its climate and environment provides the perfect growing conditions to raise premium beef".

I always think there's nothing like Australia thus it's time to experience the taste of premium Grass-Fed Beef! More than 35 Top Restaurants in Manila participate in the first ever beef promotion (started June up until 23/Aug ONLY). Each restaurant will showcase the unique taste of Australian Grass-fed Beef which has been raised exclusively on pasture. 

Here's our ultimate Tasting Menu from: 

(1) THE WHOLESOME TABLE [Bonifacio High Street, Taguig]

"In this lifetime you will only have one body; and if you are what to eat, then eat right and eat well."

Beef Tenderloin Fillet with a Light Demi Glaze Sauce and served with Roasted Potatoes

A good cut of beef! 
You noticed it's lean, yet tender, gooey and so flavorful... 

Beef Burgers 

Burgers are one of my favorite things in the entire world! Love it when it's hand-ground, smoked and perfectly grilled. 

Herbed Parmesan Fries goes very good with the baby burgers ^

Meatballs + Organic Tomato Paste

We requested "samplers" but got huge portions of everything...

Tamarind Iced Tea - all natural, sweet, sour and refreshing!

Will go back for the "Be Beautiful" Smoothie one of these days! 

(2) SALA [Ayala Ave Cor. Makati Ave Makati]

Impress your date, go to Sala!

The Executive Chef (Sala, Sala Bistro, Blackbird and People's Palace) Kerwin Go aka. inkd_chef prepared...

Seared Carpaccio of Australian Grass-fed Mulwarra Beef Tenderloin rocket, radish and truffled pecorino salad
Mulwarra Export Pty Ltd is a specialist exporter of premium Australian beef, lamb, veal, Wagyu beef, venison, seafood and specialty cheese. 

Carpaccio or anything raw, thinly sliced meat, especially fish is not my thing. Although I tried a bit and tasted like cold cuts and no strange smell.

Tortelletti of Australian Grass-fed Mulwarra Beef Short Rib Ragout sweet onion and sage soubise (pronounced soo-beez)

I enjoyed this stuffed pasta, made of béchamel sauce. There's shredded beef inside, very similar to corned beef and taste way better, obviously more beefy!

When in Sala, don't miss the desserts and forget the calories... They ordered
Mango and passion fruit pavlova, Creme fraiche cheesecake, strawberries, citrus crumbs and strawberry sorbet, "All about rhubarb" - Creme brulee, a sorbet and a warm pecan rhubarb crumble


I got Affogato al caffe with Sala biscotti <3

All thumbs up for the espresso! Simplest of all but I won't get tired of it... Thank you Chef and the crew!

(3) CYMA [Greenbelt 2 Makati]

We walked from Sala to Greenbelt 2 and it wasn't harmful at all... It was third on the itinerary; Cyma will turn 10 this year. They have ongoing renovation, re-branding and plan to continue educate Filipinos how Greeks eat. I have learned to appreciate Greek food when I tasted Cyma back in 2011. 

For starters, we had the
Sampler (5 dips) and Greek Pita
The Classic Tzatziki
Pine Nut Melitzanosalata
Kalamata Hummus
Tirokafteri (Greek Cheese Pimiento)
Dulong Taramosalata

I know it's the nicest option 'cause everything is good; Can't decide? Get all!

... and the ever famous Saganaki (Flaming Cheese)... OPA!

We had Steak Gyro - Australian Angus Onglet
Greek Chimichurri, Tzatziki, Pickled Onions, Tomatoes and Shredded Greens

 By the way, this is only my 3rd time in Cyma yet the food hasn't changed a bit. This Steak and Eggs Salad (Salates) is the best - Angus Onglet, Grilled Leeks, Poached Eggs and Garlic Crostini

Yummy, freshest ingredients, crunchy texture and great for our health!

Even this Grape Smoothie is a must-try!

(4) CARPACCIO RISTORANTE ITALIANO [Yakal St. San Antonio Makati]

This is the second floor of the dining room; Perfect for family and big celebrations.

This is the moment I wanted to say no already and worried as they have the longest menu for the scheduled trail: 

Carpaccio - Tenderloin, sea salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, Fennel, green asparagus, rocket lettuce and honey tomato 

Raw! I only took the arugula and tomatoes. 

Seared Oyster Blade Alla Capo - Garlic, herb & chili marinated oyster blade 
Red wine reduction, on vegetable saffron risotto

Grilled Rib Eye
Calamata olive butter, red wine glace, cherry tomato confit, Sage gnocchi, parmesan cheese

Grilled Striploin
Anchovies butter, potato cabbage gratin, crispy vegetable
Tomato basil salad

Grilled Tenderlion
Garlic herb butter, red wine glace, green asparagus, 
Tomato & Fontina mash

I now agree that medium-rare (seeing pink) is the perfect steak! Carpaccio is one of the best in town. We never had the chance to finish everything, took home the meat. 

(5) PRIME 101 [Chino Roces Makati City] 

Shopping for furnitures? Prime 101 accept same... Chef Marco's partner is a furniture designer so technically the resto is also a showroom, they collaborated and the whole concept of the place now is like "you're hosting in your house". Everything may be customized from food and cocktails, depends on what the guest wants and need. They rearrange the furniture based on reservations as well. 

Everything in Prime 101 is all-natural and made from scratch - from dumplings, pasta, wrappers, hot sauce and even tomato sauce; Chef Marco prefers nothing but the best and premium Australian Grass-fed beef; He doesn't follow trends. "I want plain, simple with best ingredients!"

Braised Sirloin in Iberico Chorizo and Saffron

Think the beef was seared, slow cooked to bring out the flavors. As explained by the Chef, when there's more blood circulating, it is more beefy and delicious and I so agree...

Oh yes it feels heaven cause I couldn't take the Beef Tartar... Thank you Chef Marco, all the best for Prime 101!

"Pinnacle Grass-fed Ribeye Cooked in our Own Signature Way" 

 We visited (5) Top Manila Restaurants today and as Mr Anthony Weymouth, Austrade's Senior Trade Commissioner said, "there is a growing demand for quality beef in the Philippines and this promotion reiterates the fact the Australia is in the best position to provide as Australia produces premium quality beef that suits the Filipino taste and budget".

Calling all food lovers as we can select and order any featured Australian Grass-fed Beef Dish to get a chance to win Php 5,000 dining privileges each (Five winners per week for 8 weeks) and a Grand Prize winner of round-trip tickets for 2 to Australia via Qantas Airways. The promotion is jointly presented by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and the state of Victoria.

Promo period is from 25 JUN to 23 AUG 2015. Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 5606, Series of 2015.



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