Chateau Hestia: Events Space

11:45:00 PM

Are you planning an intimate gathering? Chateau Hestia also has a 100-seater event space to accommodate your needs. Not to mention, the 1st floor dining area can hold 80 people and another 80 al fresco dining at the garden. After a quick drive, we went back to the restaurant and had another tour for we are not ready to eat Lunch yet. 

For Wedding-related events, here's a good reception venue if the size of your wedding day could fit basis above allocation. Same goes for debuts, dedication and any special family announcements. 

Photos taken from mobile, I was charging then... Not too bad, I hope! 

For the guys out there, if you're popping the question... the YES! will be memorable here, or underneath the gazebo ~

Think they will have a draped gazebo or pergola for their spa... How romantic is that?! 

It's no joke that their casitas are occupied at all times so I thought of sharing the alternatives on getting CASA CARMEN and the GARDEN COTTAGE - 

Theme's the same but way bigger than the other rooms. Perfect for the entire family!



 Before I forget, we also learned how to make pizza dough and pasta from scratch... Chateau Hestia is proud of this. Their pizza and pasta are made to order and home-made!


 For bookings, inquiry and reservations, you may contact +63929 7113289

J. Hernandez St. Purok 5, 
Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite, 
Philippines 4118

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