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Deciding between good and well, I remember I slept safe and sound in Capiz Casita last weekend... Now, let me tease all of you how we overeat that day!

Before that, I just want to share how pleased I am for meeting the Chef behind all these good food you are about to see. 

Chef Natalia/Nat realized her passion for cooking early on. The biggest influence which led her to Culinary was her mother; she spent several years in Italy after finishing College to hone her skills. Have recently acquired the position of Executive Chef at Chateau Hestia while overseeing food, liquor, deli purchases and special events with her staff. 
She's into contemporary and/or fresh new take on European cuisine and gets the freshest seasonal ingredients available from organic local farmers... It was a feast, let's start with Breakfast!


They were so kind enough to get our preferences the night before; the food is perfect to be shared with someone literally! For instance, the pancakes are 4 (thick) pieces, very delicious and fluffy unlike the airy and light ones we get on fast food chains every morning. Good thing, they give free refills of brewed coffee leaving me energized for the whole day. 

I for one, is a bacon freak!


It's been raining so hard the past days but we were blessed with gorgeous weather that Saturday and able to walk, had the tour of the place and the Malipayon and Victoria farmlands.


Basis Chef Nat and farmers stories, they couldn't cut trees straight away cause it makes the soil fertile thus it gives the right nutrients to their plants. 

Even major businesses in the Metro buys freshest ingredients in Tagaytay. See that?

Lessons learned on a road trip...

~ *** ~

Now I present to you Chateau Hestia's Bestsellers - a luncheon we will never forget!

Hestia Garden Salad
Available in Petite P285 and Grand P360
"An assortment of fresh lettuce, microgreens and edible flowers from our neighboring farms, nuts and seeds, Philippine mangoes, Greek yoghurt and Palawan honey vinaigrette."

I enjoyed their salad more than anything I had in my entire life. Well, I would normally remove the flowers without realizing how tasty and fresh it is; just learned it from the farm tour. Fresh seasonal produce which is very good for all of us; great any time of the day!

Cinque Formaggi Raviolini con Pesto 
(Home-made Fresh Pasta) - we made the pasta and pizza from scratch! I am serious... 
"A gouda, cream cheese, parmesan and scamorza mixture tossed in our pesto sauce, topped with red pesto cheese"

So easy to make but I don't have the proportions. Very simple yet delicious!

Fried Pumpkin Chicken - this is my favorite!!! Try this once and you'll thank me.
"Pumpkin butter-filled chicken, fried to golden brown, served with mushroom sauce and scallop potatoes." 

Obviously this recipe requires too much effort to prepare and have it served without rolling from the potatoes. Think my kids will love this too and would likely ask for gravy sauce. The chicken part is incredibly juicy considering they used breast fillet thus it's not oily. I love the buttery sauce with it, hope they can double mine next time. This is quite messy!   

   Baked Salmon and Sauteed Shrimps
"Lemon-pepper crusted fillet of salmon served on a bed of potato gnocchi, shrimps and fresh vegetables."

Call me stupid but this doesn't make me happy, except the shrimps and fresh veggies! I don't eat fish much... 

"Viennese oven-roasted pork belly with caraway seeds and garlic, served with servietten knodel and sauerkraut."  

Thinly sliced pork belly in delicious rich and creamy sauce (you won't need too much) and it comes with bread pudding that works well with our favorite cuts. The skin is crispy and meat is soft - probably slow cooked, binds the flavors together!

All grilled items comes with potato gratin, mushroom and radicchio chips, garden side salad and a choice of sauces - Green Peppercorn (served), Dijon au Jus and Salsa Verde

Honestly, I rarely get steak when dining out and would experiment at home; I am so cheap to order expensive steak at times, except if it's buffet cause I tend to get disappointed how tricky to cook one to satisfy my preference, apart from the usual pricing as well. Chateau Hestia serves premium (likely grass-fed) steak.  

 You can see how enticing the photo is. I would say they have mastered the grilling techniques for any type of steak recipe. The grill marks are just right, the meat is full, tender, flavorful and crusty outside and cooked somewhere in between medium-rare to well done. In short, I lurve it!

... and for my sweet tooth, have tried the - 

Mauro's Molten Chocolate
"A decadent cake oozing with a filling made by our dear friend, Mauro, owner of one of the best trattorias in Sienna, Tuscany."

Mango Napoleon 
"A unique combination of layers of graham crust, white chocolate cream, mango and butter roll flakes."

Panna Cotta
"A delicious cooked milk dessert typical to the whole Northern Italy, topped with our home-grown passion fruit jam."

A Love Triangle 
"Trio of mousse au chocolat, panna cotta and mango napoleon."

Pure chocolatey and the center is dense and so delicious!
I love mangoes so this is fresh and a light dessert for me! Likely to order every time I visit Chateau Hestia. Will try the panna cotta next time, I feel so stuffed at that time.  

For bookings and reservations, contact +639297113289

J. Hernandez St. Purok 5, 
Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite,
Philippines 4118

Operating Hours:

9:00am - 10:00pm

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  1. oh wow! i'm just a couple of hours away from here and i didn't even know Tagaytay has a place like this. must try! :D

  2. My sister mentioned this place last week when we were in Tagaytay. I thought the price is super expensive, ok naman pala!


  3. I LOVE places like this and the prices are quite reasonable! will def visit~

  4. I love bacon, too! The pasta dish looks delish!

  5. Oh my, everything looks sooo good! Now this makes me want to cook my own bacon and have some pancakes. *Drool*


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