Chateau Hestia: B&B Accomodation 2015

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We constantly take the Sta Rosa-Tagaytay route to my hometown but would have never stumbled upon Chateau Hestia if not for this very special invite from friends and Chef Nat herself. 

Let me tell why this place has taken me by surprise...

Chateau Hestia has been founded by Austrian national, Johannes Zehethofer, year 2008 and now favored by guests for its serene garden and exceptional food. 

If you're looking for a couple of days, maybe a week-long vacation from your normal routine - 
Chateau Hestia is the perfect solo, couple or family retreat. Indeed, a great place to relax, recharge a bit, read/write, take photos, sleep and even celebrate!

We get to Tagaytay at about 9:00 in the evening; it is really a quick drive from Manila if traffic is kind. Best to leave early to fulfill a relaxed Friday road trip. 

At the restaurant door entrance, everything will capture your attention; Chateau Hestia is a Mediterranean-inspired vacation homes and restaurant. There is a nicely decorated receiving area where I was able to place my things right before dinner. There ain't no counter, except the bar on our right when the food is being served. The place will even give you a comfy feel as if there's a vineyard and winery close by. Whether your idea of vacation is staying in a luxury spa, out of town, both are wine and fine dining connoisseurs then this is the place for you!

I should get a tripod soon...!

That evening, we enjoyed the July offerings. Apart from classic European dishes, they have curated food menu, chef-crafted meal plans every month. 

Assorted bread with Malunggay Pesto ^
They make their own breads!

Wienerwurst is an Austrian specialty, a little smoked, mixed of pork and beef; Americans call it Frankfurter; I liked it so much... Also available in the deli shop should you want to take home a pack or two. 

Dutch Smoked Cheese / Blu Ramandolo from Friuli / Truffle Pecorino from Italy / Swiss Appenzeller

Before our Main Course (choice of lamb ravioli or steak), I was captivated by this Cheese Board, and sausages on the side; Probably because I am totally fine with Mozzarella, either sliceable or curd hence I am not too smart with a lot of cheese filled with all sorts of stuff.

I opted to get the Australian Flank Steak with red wine Plum sauce with corn and chic pea cakes, plus a glass of Lamartine (2012, France)

I personally enjoyed my dinner; The steak was perfectly cooked somewhere in between medium-rare and well done, just the way I like it. Tasty and not dry. The old-fashioned goodness of their Apple Streudel is a must-try. The crust is flaky and soft, filled with just the right amount of sweet apples and not so much raisins. Very good!

And the day is done... After an intimate dinner and talk, we got our room assignments. 

This is just a key fob but we stayed in Capiz Casita, you noticed a small flash light tied on it cause it's so dark at night and you would literally need a guide while walking to the rooms.

We were able to have a short tour of the rooms, except for Suite Cottage which was occupied by a newly-married couple. Sweet!

*Published rates may changed without prior notice

LOFT COTTAGE P3500+ with Breakfast


~ *** ~

BAMBOO CASITA P4850+ with Breakfast

~ *** ~

CAPIZ CASITA P5150+, good for 3 persons, inclusive of Breakfast

Now I am in love with Bed & Breakfast travel.

The room is spacious (not over decorated), distinctive with special luxuries and architecture like king-sized four-posted comfy bed, clean/white linens, custom toiletries, private bathroom with heater and shower; hope they add hair dryer and plush robes. This was the room of my choice from the first time I visited the website. The photos posted were attractive and nicer in real when you checked-in.

A place of soothing relaxation... The grounds are kept very quiet! The expansive doors and windows provides the lush garden view during the day...

~ *** ~

SAMPAGUITA CASITA P5950+ with Breakfast 

... with Two person Jacuzzi / Whirlpool tub

This is where we all stayed before leaving for Manila the next day. Had some cat naps on that bed... 

Without a question, I would recommend you check Chateau Hestia real soon!

For bookings and reservations, contact +639297113289

J. Hernandez St. Purok 5, 
Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite,
Philippines 4118

Operating Hours:

9:00am - 10:00pm

- Check out their FOOD and EVENTS SPACE 

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