Café Ilang Ilang Buffet 2015

8:54:00 PM

I, for one will never get tired of buffet. I don't eat a lot but I enjoy knowing I can have everything I want... without thinking extra cost on my bill. 

Café Ilang Ilang has wide variery, tasty buffet choices. The buffet spread spans from (1) Local / Native Filipino Favorites (Soup of the Day, Starters, Hot Dishes and even Carving of the Day) to International

I didn't know where to start with... I had been to this restaurant a few times but the place seem bright, spacious and serene now!

(2) ITALIAN - as usual, the cold cuts station is equally enticing. I indulged in ham, salamis, grilled fine meats; there's pizza live station as well and they got pasta in a variety of sauces and we would probably have to pay more when ordering in other fancy hotels. 

Because I always look and check for desserts first, I found fresh and cold seafood counter with huge oysters, shrimps and crabs! They have Seafood Night every Friday. 

... and this (3) DESSERT Station is always something that I look forward to!

Think it's time for a cake shop, please Manila Hotel?! I am in love with your desserts...


The staff are smart and so happy to help. Can't wait to go back for more gelato, coffee and macarons! By the way, they have a French Chef on board and it is my hope they create Macaron boxes soon.

Their cakes are fresh, new and sweet and yummy down to last bite!

Now, who doesn't love (4) BURRITOS and (5) THAI ?
If you have Muslims on your group, Cafe Ilang Ilang is ideal as the food is halal and has a good array for vegetarians. 


Their staff are prompt, polite and will even assist to lift the food casseroles at times!

(6) JAPANESE Station - think it's their largest station as the whole spread occupies a room for Jap dishes! I admire the decor and the live station and the sushi counter is so clean. You will enjoy the unlimited servicing of sashimi, rolls and ramen. 

Oh yes, I've had enough... and just able to check the rest of the stations: 


They serve Prime Rib and other meats every Thursday!

When I have time to enjoy Café Ilang Ilang, I get more than money's worth in food. Totally worth it!

Staycation may be next... :) Fingers and toes crossed!

Excellent value for money if that's what you're looking for. Make it on your short list. Just try to remember to make a reservation!

1 Katigbak Drive, Manila, Philippines
+632 5270011

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