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More than having a natural aesthetic flair and passion for  beauty, Makeup professionals also deal with important parts  of the human anatomy in helping people to look their best. While these qualities are important, equally critical in pursuing this profession are technical know-how, extensive training and practical experience which puts the Center for Aesthetic and Visual Arts at the “Center” of art, science and Beauty.  

The Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts (CAVA) provides top quality education when it comes to mastering the aesthetics and visual arts, particularly makeup artistry in the  Philippines today. Open to fledgeling makeup artists and  practicing professionals, the CAVA experience offers an extensive curriculum that ranges from theoretical classes to  practical applications. One-to-one sessions, activities, assignments and assessments allow students to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge of makeup. Lectures, demonstrations and activities are given by highly skilled mentors where students are able to apply theories they have learned and enhance their unique expression as purveyors of skill and beauty.

From insurmountable hours and years of carefully mastering their craft, mentors  of  the  Center for Aesthetics and  Visual Arts are highly esteemed professionals with experience and education from around the world. CAVA mentors are specialized from prominent institutions that have bred makeup artists that lead major shows in fashion weeks in New York, London and Paris. 

Beginning with the Fundamentals of Beauty, the Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts equips its students with a solid foundation on the basics of beauty make-up. Among others, the course includes the Ethics in Make-Up Artistry, the Importance of Base Matching and Correction and Concealing techniques. 

When students are enrolled at the Center for Aesthetic and Visual Arts, they are provided with a unique experience which gives them the totaland extensive package of makeup artistry knowledge and practice witheach class. Classes at the Center for Aesthetic and Visual Arts combine lecture  with  demonstration and practical activities which allow students to further enhance their skill and practice.

The value of CAVA courses goes beyond simple makeup artistry. The carefully designed curriculum, along with the skilled mentors, reflect a thorough understanding of how it’s like to harmoniously blend beautiful artistry with the technological  advancements and comprehension of science.

CAVA students are given the best aesthetic education from leading practitioners from the industry’s experts, beginning with it’s founder Hazel Gonzales who is an international airbrush specialist. The passion for creating beautiful and captivating works of art is a result of Hazel Gonzales’ attention to detail and passion for perfection. Through CAVA, Hazel shares her expertise. She started as a makeup artist and beauty consultant for Estee Lauder. She also graduated from the Center of Aesthetics Studies and Master Class in High Definition. Given the honor of being the first prestige member of the United Makeup Artists of the Philippines (UMAP), Hazel is recognized as an international  airbrush specialist and is the creative director of HG studio. Hazel prides this expertise and gives students the  opportunity to perfect their craft through CAVA.

Experience in the industry by leading mentors immediately puts CAVA in the art hub as innovators. Not only are mentors highly skilled and experienced, their willingness to share their  knowledge and wisdom with the students, gives them an  entirely unique experience when honing their individual tastes and skills. This deeply immerses studentsin the science and art of makeup artistry and providing them with the knowledge and skills they need in order to become full fledges makeup artists, work anywhere around the world, or simply put up their own business.

CAVA is the center for arts and science as they offer courses with an extensive and comprehensive curriculum. Programs  include the fundamentals of beauty makeup and go as far as advanced airbrush. Because all the courses are specifically  designed for students to receive a complete makeup  experience, each class has unique methodologies which combine  lecture, demos and practical applications. Not only is it emphasized that it is important to research and prepare for each class, students are given further activities and assignments in order for them to practice and thoroughly master the skills they’ve acquired.

Students at CAVA are immediately presented with multitudes  of opportunities immediately after they graduate. As CAVA partners with the likes of Laura Mercier, MAC and Digital Traincase, alumni are not only knowledgeable of they best types of products to use, they are also given an immediate edge over other makeup graduates.

It is unquestionable for the Center for Aesthetic and Visual Arts to be the best and only makeup school in the Philippines that becomes the learning hub for those wanting to learn the art of makeup artistry or simply to take their expertise to a whole new level. For as long as students are open for that  unique learning experience, CAVA looks forward to joining the students through their endeavors. CAVA is the makeup school that is worth the investment for aesthetic education. As the center for arts and science in makeup artistry, CAVA gives students the most advanced techniques and the unique experience to allow them to cultivate their artistic self in excellence. 

CAVA is located at the 3rd Floor Victoria Towers  Commercial Bldg., Timog Avenue, Quezon City Philippines with numbers +632 504 2282 and +63917 683 2282.

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