My Delicious Diet for Week 23!

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Losing weight isn't an easy process but getting delicious low-calorie meals will more likely be a big help along the way! 

I just enjoyed a week of comprehensive meal plan with Delicious Diet. Their June line up are amazing! You will literally forget having a sensible eating schedule once you reheat the food...

Everything was so perfect for my schedule. I work at about 07:00 and they deliver between 05:00 until 09:30 in the morning. Imagine the comfort when you don't need to worry nor think what to buy and eat from morning until dinner?! If you're anything like me, food are there when you need them! Thank you so much, DD! Til next time...

I printed this downloadable list (from Delicious Diet Facebook page) last week as a guide ^

Here are a few snapshots of the 1200-Calorie Meal Plan -
Eating becomes more pleasurable! 

Whole wheat pasta with chorizo and creamy tomato sauce - tasty and tender; Very healthy for a cozy night!

Seafood Tofu Casserole + Organic Rice
Eating healthy is always challenging; some of my friends couldn't take the organic, brown and black rice. Thankfully, I survived! :)

I love Korean food... I know how it influences the Filipino diet. Trust me, you will enjoy this Bibimbap!

My kids saw this and was questioned if I am (really) trying to lose weight... LOL
If you order from Delicious Diet, the good news is that there's no need to deprive yourself of the food you like most!

The "snack" list will turn out to be a surprise everyday... 

Will post more photos on Our Eat Dates page soon!

Just be reminded that if you are eating well enough and trying to shed pounds, Delicious Diet is created to enjoy our food (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) and help us lose weight safely!

One way for feeling more energetic, cheerful and optimistic...

For more details and inquiries, please text (0908) 879-7915  

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