Il Ponticello: A lovely feel to Italian dining

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Scouting a restaurant to enjoy the true Italian tastes and dining in Manila? Check out Il Ponticello in 120 Valero, Makati. The place is not huge but offers genuine Western dishes reasonable for high quality and attractive food in a semi-fine dining setting ~ perfect for special occasions and romantic dates. 

... and don't miss the importance of balance - good food + good chef-crafted contemporary and classic drinks. 

Rye Tasting Room, where I had beautiful food pairings with certain whiskies about a month ago! Wine list are extensive and relevant sourced internationally (likely from various regions of Italia) and yet well priced. 

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The chef does the best for our meal that evening...
Let the following dishes prove it!

Portobello Alla Griglia

Seared Spiced Tuna Loin

Rotolo - this tops my list! Delicious rolls of pizza dough stuffed with mortadella & ricotta cheese...

Il Ponticello's pizza selection is not very wide but they serve/bake authentic pizza enough to draw a large crowd of office workers in Makati, either lunchtime or dinner.

I posted another shot of this on Instagram... Their Lasagna Carbonara is to die for, I swear! It blew my mind! Imagine sheets of lasagna, topped with creamy/rich Carbonara sauce and cheese, cheese and cheese. Delizioso!
Good to mention that Ponti's Signature pastas are freshly made from scratch, using only the best '00' flour from Italy.  

4 Cheese Wagyu Burger 

All over the news recently:

On a quest for the ultimate burger? You won't believe they offered an order for P150+ last month!

Here's another favorite! 
Feast your eyes on this huge and yummy Panino Porchetta -  Slices of crispy pork belly + crackling skin + caramelized onions with salsa verde, all in between a Pańe Cubano

Signature Porchetta All Romana
Available in Solo for P390 (2 thick slices Porchetta Carving, Pilaf Rice, Pommery Salsa di Senape
and Whole Roast P1200 (1 Kg Whole roast carving & Pommery Salsa di Senape)

To complete the meal... These will make you melt!

Caramel Bread Pudding made with homemade bread, semolina, cream, caramel sauce and this Vanilla bean ice cream. Thought I was eating French Toast for dessert... Trust it was flipped upside down  - absolutely delicious! 

Cheesecake. (yummy espresso) Caramel. Panna Cotta. 

What an unforgettable dessert, period!

The food was indulging!

Service is pleasant, friendly, attentive and will satisfy your needs. 
The owner and chef were great hosts!

You'll feel extremely lucky to get the place without booking...

I was like happy, satisfied and challenged to fit everything inside! ;)

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