Cooking Workshop with Samsung - Part II

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Do you have the passion, love and interest for good food? Filipinos are same and would often dine out to try new restaurants and check unique / best dishes. Moreover, we get used to go out for meals as we don't control of the time to even prepare and plan food for the family. Have you thought of preparing restaurant-quality dishes at home in minutes? 

18 April - GalaStars Culinary School conducted it's second Cooking Workshop to help time-challenged Filipino families prepare nutritious and appetizing meals for the whole family. Themed "Weekday Warrior: Prepare Restaurant-Quality Dishes Everyday", and we have personally experienced how Samsung's innovative products support people's way of life. 

Samsung started the first Digital Appliances Cooking Workshop last March in collaboration with Chef Ernest Gala. This will likely continue to take place for the whole year, every month where various lifestyle / mommy bloggers will enjoy easy-to-follow recipes. Each month's workshop will also feature a unique theme to broaden participants' culinary experience and expertise. 

“It was only the second cooking workshop, but I can say that I’m really enjoying  this. All participants are game and eager to learn new recipes,” Chef Ernest said. “You can see that they are passionate about deepening their learning experience and creating good food for their family. Truly, food strengthens bonds among family, giving them more quality and memorable moments together.”

We learned Pork Steaks with Mushroom Sauce, Parsleyed Baby Potatoes, and Mini S’mores, all with the use of the Samsung Smart Oven. The Smart Oven provides the most up-to-date and innovative features that can keep up with consumers’ need for healthier and easy to prepare meals while maintaining their hectic lifestyles. 

“This second cooking workshop focused on meal preparation by using Samsung Smart Oven’s heating function. Through this function, Samsung redefined and simplified cooking fresh and healthy food making meal preparation easy and hassle-free,”  said  Marika Laciste,  Product Manager for Samsung Microwave Ovens. “Also, the freshness and coolness of the food and ingredients  are well-preserved long before it is  cooked through the help of the Samsung Refrigerator. These fit very well with today’s fast paced world.”

Aside from convenient and hassle-free cooking, the Samsung Smart Oven is also designed for easy cleaning. The smooth ceramic interior is anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant, made to last over time. It also has a SLIM FRY technology, which allows frying dishes while using less or even no oil. This feature will be further highlighted in subsequent cooking workshops.

Indeed, Samsung Digital Appliances has empowered families to become warriors in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and preparing quality and healthy meals that are beyond the usual, proving that restaurant-quality meals can also be prepared at home.

Thank you Samsung!

“With their innovative appliances, Samsung will bring you more enjoyable home experiences and respond to your ever-evolving family needs. I hope we can treasure and create more quality family time that’s spent bonding over good and healthy meals – effortlessly prepared with Samsung Digital Appliances,” Daye Barbatchano, Master  Trainer for Samsung Digital Appliances, ended. Samsung Digital Appliances has shown that bonding over good food doesn’t always mean going to restaurants. Its digital appliances line-up proves that creating restaurant-quality foods is no sweat at all; it can all take place right at home, in your kitchen.

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