Samsung Kicks Off Digital Appliances’ First Cooking Workshoop

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Today’s fast-paced life has unfortunately led many Filipinos to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead of taking time to think of and prepare healthy dishes, they would rather go for quick fried meals, processed canned goods or even fast food meals. 

Filipinos would always want to live healthy but since living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done,  they opt for the easier way out. With everyone’s on-the-go lifestyle, there’s no more time to stay in the kitchen to prepare healthy meal.

To aid Filipino families live and lead a healthier lifestyle, Samsung has introduced a wide array of innovative digital appliances that enables them to conveniently prepare nutritious dishes. This not only paves way for good, healthier food but also more family moments while preparing the food. 

Preparing healthy and appetizing meals is not as challenging as it sounds. No less than culinary specialist Chef Ernest Gala, Samsung Digital Appliances Ambassador, imparted easy to prepare healthy dishes for time-challenged Filipino families using Samsung Digital Appliances. Last March 21, he shared his culinary prowess with lifestyle bloggers at the first Samsung Digital Appliances Cooking Workshop, held at the GalaStars Culinary School.

Samsung Digital Appliances with Chef Ernest will conduct monthly cooking sessions throughout 2015, featuring easy to  follow recipes for delicious and nutritious meals. Each  month, the cooking workshop will feature a unique theme, to  provide participants a wider selection of recipes and deepen their learning experience. 

“This Cooking Workshop is Samsung’s efforts to teach Filipinos easy ways to create sumptuous meals and healthier dishes by using durable, space and energy efficient appliances. These digital appliances were designed with the needs of the Filipino family in mind, making them the perfect partner for  a healthier and happier home,” says Product Marketing for  Refrigerator Katrina Lee. In order to address some of the  most important needs of every household, Samsung Refrigerator is more energy efficient than standard refrigerators, producing less noise and cutting energy consumption by up to 50 percent. Meanwhile, the Samsung Smart Oven has a series of innovative features that are not typically found in a normal microwave oven. An example is the “Slim Fry”, which can fry your dish while using less or even no oil. 

The first cooking workshop session had “Fun-tastic Party” as its theme. Workshop participants, under the direction of Chef Ernest, learned how to make Fettucine with Garlic-Basil-Tomato and Chicken with Cheese and Spam—dishes that they can easily prepare for a party or for a quick meal at home.

Samsung recognizes that cooking together and sharing meals can also help strengthen bonds among families and friends. “With the use of our innovative appliances, as well as the recipes from the workshop, we hope that we can make more Filipinos enjoy cooking with their family, friends and  hopefully, provide them with happier times together, because  that’s what Samsung Digital Appliances are for,” Master Trainer for Digital Appliances Daye Barbatchano concluded.

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