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I am a get-fit girl since my teen years and I enjoy doing different types of exercise cause I have the tendency to get bored real fast. Apparently, the routine changed when I got pregnant in 2005, gave birth via C-section then a repeat surgery in 2010 for my second child; followed the "no intense workout" for more than (2) years / until fully healed. That's when I became L/XL from S/M. Truth hurts but there is always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for - my beautiful kiddos! 

Now, am back, more challenged perhaps... Don't think I can bring back the skinny Eens but the intention is to at least get rid of the mommy tummy, a few bulges, stay strong (?), fit and feel/look good still.  

   About a few weeks ago, I had a great time and able to experience Vinyasa Yoga, Zumba and this AntiGravity Fitness (another first) all in one day at Beyond Fairview, Quezon City. 

For our overall wellness, we started with Yoga - the main focus of Vinyasa was on the inhale and exhale as we move from one pose to another. I felt so relaxed and powerful through the synchronized breathing techniques we did during the session. Never had the chance to take photos but the Downward (also called Down Dog) and Upward Facing Dog still tops my list! Perfect stretch for our calves and one of the best yoga poses to soothe back pain. If you visit Beyond Fairview, trust you will meet Teacher Tina - she has an ultimate/technical expertise for asanas were demonstrated well and I admire how she adjust the tone of her voice, think communication is very important in teaching Yoga. 

I was in front that has a good view of the moves and dance steps. Well I don't dance well but I find Zumba fun and just love sweating a lot because this Latin inspired dance fitness is very intense at times! Whatever gets us moving is the more important thing. Our heart rate goes up and would feel more challenged. If you're new to working out, Zumba is the best choice! We met Teacher Allen that day and started with a very short warm up and moved our thang for a little over 30 minutes to loud Salsa and Hip Hop music. The playlist was catchy and nice! He was upbeat, contagious and led us in a way that make the steps easy to follow, great choreography!

Then. we had a little Science too, reminded and learned of: 

Newton’s Law of Gravity - “What goes up must come down”

Harrison’s Law of Gravity - “What goes down must come up” then talked about the new kind of workout invented by Christopher Harrison - former gymnast, aerial performer and Broadway choreographer. 

AntiGravity has yoga components, Pilates, aerial acrobatics and calisthenics in a (Harrison AntiGravity®) Hammock. Now arguably the most versatile exercise apparatus ever created and every portion is rated for 2,000 pounds (970 kg.) - yes, it may ease our minds doing flips and inversions first time in this silk hammock. Once you overcome the fear, you'll go back for more!

If you have back issues, try this class as it lengthen our muscles, most especially the spine and release tension in our back. It might be a good exercise for those who run too as we can recover faster.

As per Teacher Myke who was trained and certified in Thailand by Tamer Begum (APAC AntiGravity Master Trainer), Beyond Fairview take students from all walks of life. In fact, there are no restrictions for AntiGravity Fitness unless you're pregnant and / or had a recent surgery. I had vertigo in the past but I was amazed at how much I did and can do! If you want a total body workout or wanting Yoga to the next level, AntiGravity is for you. 

Improve your physical, mental health and overall wellness!

Beyond Fairview Instructors are certified, conducts training in various companies and accepts private group classes. Thank you Teachers: Tina, Allen, Myke, Jey and of course to Ms. Benny for having us!!!

Now having trouble deciding which program is best for you? Call or visit Beyond Fairview at 463-5766 or 463-6569, 3/F Unit 301-303 Regalado Hive, Regalado Ave., West Fairview, Quezon City

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