Four Seasons HotPot City - April 2015

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I have only enjoyed Shabu-Shabu late last year (on business trip) and agreed with Chinese colleagues that Hai Di Lao HotPot is the best place when in Shanghai...

The Hot Pot restaurant is even one of the reasons why I think I have to fly back...soon or maybe when Disneyland is done! :)

Now, the (newly-opened) pilot branch of Four Seasons HotPot City (under Vikings Luxury Buffet and NIU group) along SM by the Bay is all over the news / social media and got a special invite to try their food and see the place for myself... I was delighted, perfect timing! Yay, birthday treat? Again?!

The place is huge, clean, modern and they have practically setup a fancy feel to all the guests...

What a happy problem while I was standing there... I couldn't decide what to get first so I checked every station to at least try fresh offerings and better options... Tell me what you think?! I am interested to know what you would firstly pick and will do same on my future visits.

From quick-fix to creamy classic dressings - very useful if you fancy strong-flavoured leaf salads!

 I enjoyed this one so much for I tend to have mood depending effect on noodles. Sometimes I want thick, but most days, I prefer the thin ones... In short, the noodles must go (best) paired with it's ingredients!

This is the usual setup for any group of 4 ^
You will be sharing the hotpot and ideally can divide into two - for spicy and regular broths.

This section is for our favorite Vikings iced tea, juices, beer, hot tea and the very good coffee!

... And this part where you can (as if) shop / pick fresh vegetables to pair with seafood, high quality meat, dimsums and even beer!

Generous portion is all... ;)

Should you decide to reserve one of the VIP rooms, you will have your own bubbling pot to enjoy the Shabu-Shabu experience and this is how clean it would look at first, eventually gets dirty and you will smell like smoked beef and/or ramen - mind your date plans! Not good to party with the same clothes... Worse comes to worst, shower is needed! *winks*

The broth I had was tasty and not oily in the mouth at all. The server will ask whether you want spicy (mine is!) or just clear... 
Be patient, the soup / broth becomes naturally good and sweet after you cook the raw beef and fresh vegetables!

 I rarely eat rice these days... I mean during buffets! LOL Oh well, to better appreciate good food choices and to avoid getting so FULL straight away! 

Set on high and use the following guide not to overcook your food (at least juicy and just the right crisp for veggies), make sure the broth is extremely hot when you do:

Beef - 8 to 10 seconds depending on thickness
Tofu - 5 seconds
Seafood - 30 seconds 
Veggies - 5 to 10 seconds
Dimsums - 10 to 15 seconds 

I've had enough beef! High quality meat and very similar to what we had in China...

Then for the sweet tooth ~

 Think their Red Beans is imported too... :)

Make sure you get this! One of their bestsellers is the Mango Blueberry Souffle 
The mousse is so addicting!

Should you fancy native, they have Halo Halo for you!

Be mindful, the ingredients are sweet already! 

If you get to the place before sunset, you'll likely get this parking space... :)

I highly recommend Four Seasons Hotpot City 
Bldg E., By the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
831-7777, 835-7777

They are the authentic in Manila for the price not too expensive - see ongoing promos here

More power Four Seasons and hope you get the "Premium" station set up real soon...

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