Wasabi Warriors Opens its 1st Philippine Outlet in Makati

11:01:00 AM

Every day is a battle to make healthy choices, but this month, global sushi chain Wasabi Warriors sets out to become the Filipino's newest ally in the fight to EAT GOOD, DO GOOD and FEEL GOOD.

Opened its doors in the heart of Makati's central business district, Wasabi Warriors is an Australian sushi chain with a green heart. One of dozens of highly successful restaurants in Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong; the brand was introduced to the Philippines by Swinging Chairs Establishments, Inc.

Wasabi Warriors not only provide fresh, delicious food for the country's discerning diners, it also honors the Ocean, the Earth and Animals through its use of locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients and premium produced. The company has made a strong commitment to helping busy Filipinos make better food choices and adopt healthy lifestyle by providing wholesome but flavorful dishes inspired by one of the world's favorite and most nuanced cuisines. Inspired by their Bushido, or warrior code, the Wasabi Warriors are a cut above the rest when it comes to flavor, quality and fresh food. 

Offering a fantastic selection of items made fresh in store daily ranging from fresh, delicious sushi rolls - served whole for diners on the go - healthy, filling bento packs and bowls, Wasabi Warriors makes sure that busy diners never have to compromise health, freshness and flavor for ease and convenience. To further uphold their advocacy of supporting the future of the Philippines, Wasabi Warriors sources ingredients from local farmers and suppliers and, as part of their recruitment program, will collaborate with local youth organization assisting the social and professional integration of young adults living in extreme poverty.

"Wasabi Warriors is driven by its mission to provide excellent products while honoring and showing a deep respect for the environment." says Swinging Chair Establishments' Business Development Manager Kimmi Siu Dewar. "Whether through single sourcing ingredients from local suppliers, to creating innovative delicious meals, or providing better alternatives to the notoriously unhealthy fare from fast food chains and convenience stores, Wasabi Warriors offers diners the chance to live by three intertwined tenets: to Eat Good, to Do Good and to Feel Good."


Helping guide customers to eat good food, do good and feel good are the five Wasabi Warriors brothers: Ocean, Beefy, Porky, Chicken and Veggie. Each personifying a different facet of Wasabi Warriors' advocacies, the five brothers take diners on a journey teaches them how to eat right-and eat well-while still showing respect for the environment.

Do you have what it takes to be a Wasabi Warrior? Join the brothers at the first Philippine outlet at Gramercy Residences, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue to find out!

To learn more, visit www.wasabiwarriors.com.ph

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  1. The sushi looks good! And it's relatively affordable. Will check that place out. :)


  2. Hi Kristel! Will dine out come Sunday... Tag me with your photos when you get the chance :) Great weekend!


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