#SunnySideUpBazaar 11-12/April

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I have always considered April as the best month to shop. Apart from the summer heat - it's a good idea to just go malling at times; people / friends have the tendency to plan getaway where it's always good to bring or use local accessories / pinoy-made stuff when you go places. We were in PaprikaPH days ago and realized that Sunny Side Up Bazaar is definitely worth checking out next weekend - 11 to 12/April 

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The Rockwell Tent in Makati City will play host to the first ever Bazaar - a weekend dedicated to showcasing the side of Metro Manila that breeds excitement and potential. The two days will feature a powerful collection of merchants offering a wide variety of products and edible treats, a host of interesting workshops and a screening of the Philippines' first ever surf film - Archipelago

Composed of six individuals with expertise in the fields marketing, media, sales, public relations and events, Curated Goodness PH was formed with the intention to expose the Metro Manila public to the plethora of unique offerings that local businesses offer.

At the moment, the group is well underway in completing the collection of 80 booths, and the host of workshops that will be present on the weekend of April 11 and 12. So far, merchants range from apparel, footwear, accessories, arts and crafts, specialty items, to food vendors that provide a wide variety of unique snacks, refreshments and full meals. On top of the intriguing workshops lined up, a screening of the Philippines' first ever surf film, Archipelago will be held in the venue.

Juan Brew, which provides a craft beer brewing kit; Manila Sole, which recycles used tires to create styling shoes; Current Swell, boasting premium locally-sourced coffee; Fledge Clothing, an expert in stylish men's clothing and accessories; Lagu, an internationally acclaimed beach-friendly blanket - These are just a few of the collection of brands that will be present for the Sunny Side Up Bazaar.

We look forward to seeing you and as a special just by reading this today, take a screen shot with you to enjoy Free Entrance :)

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