Quality, Safe and Healthy Fruits from Australia

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From this post last year, my thoughts of Australia hasn't changed a bit, likely until I get to experience it and do things I wanted to do, over and over... *winks*

- Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
- Sea kayak Byron Bay up close with dolphins, whales and turtles + touch and climb Cape Byron Light
- ride balloon over Canberra or the Yarra Valley with a scenic champagne breakfast 

Breakfast? Then I thought of fresh fruits! It may me crave Aussie more when I learned that nationally produced - Grapes,  Pears and Stonefruits (Peaches, Plums, Nectarines) exported or imported from/to Australia are quality, safe and healthy.

Black, they called it Midnight Beauty - seedless too, crisp, bigger and sweeter than Crimson! 

Crimson Seedless Grapes 

The green sticker signifies identification where a pear / item was packed, which farm and even its voyage code to the Philippines, shared by the Senior Trade Commissioner of Austrade Manila Anthony Weymouth (2nd from the Left)

As a matter of fact, Australia has (3) recognised pest free areas, namely Tasmania, South Australia Riverland and the Great Sunraysia are of North Western Victoria. Strict Regulations by the Australian Government Biosecurity Department ensure that no pest and disease of concerns are exported to over 20 world destinations - principally Hong Kong, South East Asian regions - Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and now, Philippines. 

I was delighted to be part of the Now in Season Australia 2015 launch on 14th of April, happened in the beautiful Harbor Garden Deck of Sofitel Philippine Plaza while watching the sunset... 

I don't have anything deem special planned for that day. Other friends were like - "doing event on your Birthday (?)" I mean why not? I just couldn't afford to miss the chance of meeting the Australian Ambassador to the ‪Philippines,‬ Mr. Bill Tweddell and the rest.

This wonderful event was made possible by Australian Government together with Industry Associations as follows: 

(1) Summerfruit Australia Limited (SAL) - industry voice for the betterment of Summerfruit productions for fresh apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums. It represents the interests of the Summerfruit industry on a national and international basis. It is the body recognised as the peak industry body for growers of Summer Stonefruit and has the responsibility for the management of the industry Marketing and R&D levy expenditure.

John Moore, Chief Executive Officer for 7 years, previously working in other facets of agriculture for 33 years. Current role sees him involved in the daily administration of Australia's Stonefruit industry, representing Summerfruit producers interests on horticultural committees (domestic & export) and implementing the industry strategic investment plan & strategic marketing plan.

(2) Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) - the Peak Industry Representative Body for the Australian table grape industry. A not-for-profit organisaton representing the interests of Australian table grape growers, processors and marketers.

Jeffrey Scott, Chief Executive Officer for 10 years and during this time has seen the table group industry expand considerably. He have overseen production increase of 40% over the last 10 years, export volumes increase from 30,000 - 80,000 tons, new market access to countries such as Japan, Korea, China and Philippines then improved market into Thailand and Indonesia. 

(3)  Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) - represent and supports Australian apple and pear growers. APAL help develop international markets for their produce by supporting fruit importers by providing services such as Quality Management Training, In-store Promotional Support, Connecting growers with buyers, Inbound and outbound missions as well as introduction of new varieties.

Olivia Tait, Market Development Manager is in charge of developing export markets for the industry. She has a wide experience in government and the private sector both in Australia and overseas. Through establishing a start-up business in the UK, Olivia has worked on business strategy, identifying delivery partners, fostering government and industry relationships and securing funding to run a large retail demonstration project.

During the briefing, we had the chance to meet Chef Tim Hollands of Tim Hollands Catering and Head Chef of HF Promotions. He possesses wealth of knowledge in preparation and presentation of a wide variety of food and styles. He is renowned for delivering highly original menus and events. He showed us a few clever tricks on how to include fresh fruits from Australia to our food - our favorite French Toast for instance.

It's official! #NowInSeasonAustralia2015 - fresh, delicious, crisp and juicy fruits from the LAND DOWN UNDER are now in Manila, Philippines. The promotion will run today until May of this year but the fruits can be with you for the next (6) months, now available at S&R Membership Shopping, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan's Supermarket and Shopwise. Enjoy and stay healthy! I did...

Grape Flavored Vodka <333

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  1. Wow! fruits are all great and healthy.. Looks yum!

  2. We love Australian mangoes! They're a bit expensive but very fleshy. Good to know what other must buy fruits we must try from them. My boys are such fruit addicts!

  3. This is such a yummy post! I love Australian fruits because they're just so juicy! Sucks that we don't have membership at S&R though!
    Btw your photos are amazing!

  4. Oh my goodness, yum! Why are they not available in my city? *cries*

  5. I love Australian fruits because they're free from pesticides so you can be assured of your health.

  6. Such a healthy picks! We love fruits! I mean who wouldn't but I guess the taste of Australian fruits is much better? hehehe

  7. Good news for those who loves fresh fruits :) Hope they'll reach Visayas and Mindanao soon.

  8. Nice to meet you there, Eens! I love the black grapes. And its been weeks, my pears are still alive!!! In fact, just ate some this morning! Anyhow, belated happy birthday! had I known, I would've greeted you! Oh well, better late than never!

  9. The fruits looks fresh and delicious. I love Aussie Beef too. How about the price? Is it expensive?

  10. Too bad I missed this event! I would have loved to try those fruits from down under.

  11. I love fresh fruits. Gotta check out their products at Robinsons Supermarket this weekend.


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