Has anyone tried Tasktics.com?

12:21:00 AM

I am more than willing to try it soon but I couldn't think of a service to get, if I'm honest... 
When I was in China, we had a driver all through out our stay and I felt so relaxed and thankful but I don't think I'd be comfortable to get someone drive me around Manila... if you think you need a driver for a day though, Tasktics can help you. In fact, they can get PA, house cleaner and even messengers to transport very important documents in order to squeeze more work on top of our personal errands. 

Based from a little research, they got good feedback and mostly celebrities were satisfied clients of this online marketplace. 

I saw a few testimonials about a time she got a Personal Assistant during bloggers' event and trust it was a blast. 

Further to this, if you think you can perform any of the tasks posted, visit https://www.tasktics.com/ and gauge for yourself on how you can be of help...

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