Quick, Healthy and Easy Recipe: Warm Mushroom Pasta Salad

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As promised, sharing the Recipe now. Like I said, this is healthy and so easy to prepare / cook...

All you need are the following:

Stove | Casserole | Frying Pan | Laddles | Medium-Sized Steel/Porcelain Mixing Bowl | Chopping Board and Knife | Plates and Spoons to deseed | Bell Pepper Strainer

This happened during the Jolly University 2015 Boot Camp hence we make use of everyone's favorite JOLLY Food Line products.

Ingredients -

250 grams Dona Elena Fusili Pasta
4 Tbsp Dona Elena Olive Oil
1/2 medium-sized Onion, sliced thinly
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 celery ribs, trimmed, finely chopped
1 small red bell pepper, finely chopped
2 pieces tomatoes, deseeded and cubed
200 grams Jolly Shiitake Mushrooms
200 grams Jolly Whole Champignon Mushrooms
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp whole grain mustard
2 Tbsp chopped basil leaves

Procedure -

In boiling water with salt, cook pasta for 9 minutes then drain.
Heat 2 tsp oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat.
Add onion, garlic, celery and bell pepper then stir tomatoes for 2 minutes before adding mushrooms.
Whisk together remaining oil, lemon juice and mustard in a bowl.
Add to pasta mixture with chopped basil leaves.

Serve warm, perfect for 4! 

Thank you Chef Sau :)

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